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95% of Irish People Say They Recycle or Donate Their Old Tech

Currys PC World conducted a survey earlier this month to find out how Irish people recycle their old products as it's Go Greener campaign continues to educate consumers about the importance of helping our planet with the choices we make. Amongst the key results are the following:

• 95% of people think it is important to recycle electronic items

• 80% of people understand what product energy ratings mean

• 79% will consider water conservation when choosing a product that uses water

• 98% would recycle e-waste more if there were more collection point

Jaimie Cantwell, Head of Commercial at Currys PC World Ireland said,“We’re all looking for ways to go greener and at Currys PC World through our Go Greener campaign we want to give our consumers a helping hand with the tech and appliances – big and small they buy, that will in turn give a helping hand to the planet. Go Greener showcases how to cut out waste, save water, save energy… and even save money too!”

The survey has shown that Irish people are a lot more eco-conscious than we give ourselves credit for! When choosing home appliances, 85% said they choose with the environment in mind.

When it comes to purchasing electronic products, 36% of people buy between 0 and 2 products per year, 37% buy between 3 and 5 products, and 27% of people buy 6+ electronic products per year.

44% of Irish people have recycled an old appliance in the last 12 months in order to help the planet and environment. 98% of people said they would recycle e-waste more if there were more e-waste recycling collection points.

With 80% of Irish people saying that they understand what product energy ratings mean, only 6% of people said that they let the energy rating of an appliance influence their purchasing decision, and 8% have paid more for an appliance because it had a better energy rating. 37% said they do make a conscious decision to purchase an appliance because it is deemed to be environmentally friendly.

The survey also asked people that didn’t recycle old tech to explain why. 9% said they didn’t know how to , 28% said they liked to store it and keep it ‘just in case’, 29% said it takes too much time and 19% of people said they would be worried about their private data. The most popular items that people said they would not recycle were phones, laptops and PCs, and electric toothbrushes.

Today, Thursday 14th October is International E-Waste Day, where people and companies across the world are encouraged to make sure that they recycle as much e-waste as is possible. Up to 1.4kg of e-waste per person ends up in the mixed waste bin in Europe, and is most likely to be incinerated or sent to landfill.1

Currys PC World has plenty of options for you in order to make sure you’re getting rid of your e-waste & old appliances responsibly. For example, want your old appliance taken away at the same time you receive your new one? Currys PC World recycling on delivery service provides exactly that, plus they’ll dispose of any packaging your new appliance comes in.

Whenever you like, and without buying anything new, you can also take to your local store any electricals or electronics you no longer want for free recycling . Currys PC World accept everything from computers to toasters, and floor cleaners to TVs, whether bought from them or somewhere else.

Currys PC World have a range of products online and in store to make sure you Go Greener in your life. Key features to look for when purchasing new products:

• Eco wash cycles - Keeps the temperature down for a more eco-friendly wash in your washing machine or dishwasher.

• Heat Pump tumble dryers - Want great drying results using less electricity? Heat Pump Technology is gentler on your clothes than traditional condenser or vented tumble dryers and won’t cost the earth to run.

• Energy efficient appliances - Save on your electricity bills and help the environment with energy efficient tech.

Products purchased with the Go Greener reward symbol mean free delivery and recycling on Go Greener tech!

On sale now:

Currys PC World Ireland is one of the country’s leading specialist electrical retailers with 16 stores nationwide as well as for easy shopping from home.

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