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A Celebration of Crab this May at The Seafood Café!

This May, The Seafood Café in Dublin’s Temple Bar is proud to celebrate the beauty and simplicity of Irish crab through their ‘May Crab Fest’, curated by Niall Sabongi. Dive into a variety of beautifully prepared dishes, designed to showcase the quality and versatility of our wonderful Irish crab.

Featured dishes on the ‘May Crab Fest’ menu are priced at €25 including sides and include a complimentary chilled bottle of Madrí beer – the ideal accompaniment!

• Classic Dressed Crab: Savour the traditional elegance of this favourite, showcasing the finest Irish crab.

• Smashed Spicy Singapore Style Crab: Sticky and spicy, there’s robust flavours in this bold dish.

Old Bay Crab: Enjoy the classic American East Coast seasoning applied to premium Irish crab and lashing of Irish butter.

Whole CrabRomiro’ Style: Niall’s personal favourite where the crab is the star, just steamed and given a splash of sherry a la the famed Romiro’s in Lisbon.

Arroz con Cangrejo: Share this Spanish classic rice dish, deep and rich with hints of saffron and classic aioli.

• Smashed chilled whole claws with yuzu aioli and fries.

The crabs are caught sustainably off the East Coast by Brian, the skipper of the day boat, Girl Beth, ensuring each dish is as fresh as possible. To ensure freshness, supply is limited - once they're sold out for the day, they're gone!

The Seafood Café is located on Fownes Street Upper, Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Book now to avoid disappointment!

Slán go fóill.


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