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AWAVE Apparel launch The Collector Range

Sustainable Sportswear brand AWAVE Apparel have just released their Collectors Range.

The Collector Range consists of luxurious heavyweight (470gsm) Organic cotton Hoodies, Tees and Tracksuit Bottoms and are ready just in time for the colder months.

The Collector Range is available on now ranging from €35-€70 with FREE Express Shipping on orders over €100.

AWAVE are also launching a new range of leggings and bras made from recycled fishing nets in four colours, (black, cream, mocha and ocean blue). Super soft material, sculpted for a flattering fit this range is made to make you look good and feel good about why you're wearing it.

About AWAVE Apparel

"We are childhood friends from Dublin, and in the midst of the pandemic, we started our journey with AWAVE Apparel. We were on very different paths but we joined together with a

shared passion, to build a brand that makes a difference" say Founders Stephen and Eric

"Starting a sustainable brand in the current climate isn’t enough though, we need to reverse the damage that has already been previously done. The starting point for us and one of our

biggest challenges to date, was finding ethical suppliers that sourced innovative fabrics that are made from recycled plastic bottles."

"Once we found a factory that ticked all of our boxes, we started having conversations with them about the fabrics they could use, the processes they used to manufacture clothing and the innovative ways they operate which made them the perfect partner for AWAVE Apparel. We were so impressed with the fabrics they had available, how they were made and the difference they were making in the fashion industry."

"We knew using this regenerative fabric was a great start to making a real difference. We then worked on perfecting the fit of the range, sourcing plastic-free packaging and getting to work on our website. We also both live in activewear and couldn’t find anything sustainable to wear at the time. Our love of activewear paired with the frustration we felt from seeing the damage being done to our environment and we set about to make, what we hoped, would be a wave of change. We believe sustainability is no longer enough, there are lots of brands that inch towards sustainability but we wanted to start way beyond that, to be regenerative."

"Our goal has always been to build a brand that stands to make a real difference. Building a brand with a community of like-minded people who feel good in what they wear and why they’re wearing it. We will go beyond sustainability every time and we’ll do it without compromising on comfort and style."

Existing ranges

AWAVE's first range was named “the ReMove range” and was designed so that each piece would include an icon made up of a small number of dots.

Each dot represents 1 plastic bottle gone into making that specific products i.e 13 dots on the bra equals 13 plastic bottle’s recycled into that piece (it varies for each product of the Remove Range)

The Collector range features 20 dots on each piece. Thanks to their partnership with Ocean Co, every product from this range sold will equal 20 ocean bound plastic bottles being collected.

To date AWAVE have recycled over 21,195 plastic bottles into their clothes. By owning an AWAVE garment, you're contributing to helping the future of our oceans & planet, creating a wave of change!

See the full AWAVE collection on

Slán go fóill.


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