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CEWE Photo products offer a uniquely personal touch this Christmas

CEWE, Europe’s leading photo printing specialist, launched it's Christmas 2023 premium photo product range at an event in Dublin with special guest Jenny McCarthy, the renowned Irish photographer. CEWE showcased a suite of Christmas gift ideas at the event, including the award-winning CEWE PHOTOBOOK, in addition to wall art, advent calendars, annual photo calendars and Christmas cards.

With research showing that most people now have more than 2,100* photos stored on their smartphones – and that number rising all the time – CEWE is encouraging consumers to consider a personalised Christmas gift that reduces their digital footprint.

Our mobile devices are now our cameras, encouraging us to capture photography at any moment of any day – family celebrations, holidays, everyday life moments,” said Steve Manfield, Marketing Director at CEWE Ireland and UK.We are seeing that more people want to turn those fleeting digital memories into physical photos they can display or give to loved ones and experience the joy of photography."

Across all age groups and demographics, consumers love to receive actual printed photographs,” Mr. Manfield said. “In that sense, CEWE products are the ultimate personalised gift and once they go on the wall, coffee table or mantlepiece, they remain there for a long time and become a real part of people’s lives as well as offering that sustainable longevity.”

Global photo sector growing

The global photo sector is experiencing strong growth, with increased demand for online printing services, AI-based photo books and other premium products that allow customers to design and create their own bespoke photography collections.

A single photo can evoke powerful memories and emotions, but of course most of our photos are stored on smartphones or devices, so they don’t get the pedestal they deserve,” said the renowned Irish photographer, Jenny McCarthy.

As a professional photographer, I know the joy that photo books and special pictures in photo frames can bring into people’s lives,” Ms. McCarthy said. “This Christmas, I would urge all photo lovers to spread that joy around through printed photo gifts that can decorate our homes, spark conversations and bring people closer together.”

The CEWE Christmas 2023 range features a wide range of premium festive gift ideas including:

The CEWE PHOTOBOOK – price from €13.99

The standard-setting, award-winning CEWE PHOTOBOOK is the perfect gift to share special memories with friends and family this Christmas, offering superior quality, exceptional finishing and sustainable options. It comes in eight sizes with the choice of six paper types, a range of covers and a multitude of unique customisable features.

Photo Advent Calendars – price from €10.99

For the most unique Christmas countdown, CEWE’s Advent Calendars allow you to put your favourite photos behind each door, giving someone you love something to smile about each day until Christmas. With a wide range of chocolate, traditional and even fill-your-own, and biodegradable inners.

CEWE 2024 Photo Calendars – prices from €9.99

Personalise your year with a premium photo calendar. Lovingly designed with your most beautiful pictures, to make a unique gift to enjoy month after month.

CEWE Photo Christmas cards – prices from €5.99

Easily create warm, personalised greetings for loved ones with CEWE’s wide range of eye-catching Christmas card designs. With premium features such as highlights and personalized video messages, and available on various paper types including CEWE’s certified natural recycled paper.

Personalised Stocking Filler Gifts – prices from €9.99

Turn your photo memories into personalised Christmas gifts including mugs, water bottles, personalised phone cases, textiles or toys and games.

Sustainability is at the very heart of CEWE’s approach as the company continues to work on improving its environmental impact through environmentally friendly paper options and carbon neutral production and delivery methods.

The extensive suite of premium CEWE products can be found at .


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