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Currys PC World sees 25% increase in sale of E-scooters compared to 2020

2022 will be the “Year of the E-scooter”, with an uplift in popularity nationwide. Currys PC World, Ireland’s largest electrical retailer has released figures today showing that the sales of e-scooters in all 16 stores across the country are up 25% on the same period in 2020.

The Government has approved a new Road Traffic Bill which legislates, for the first time, the use of e-scooters and e-bikes on Irish roads (except motorways and busways), and there is no doubt that they are cost effective, eco-friendly and here to stay.

Last Wednesday’s announcement has already affected customer buying behaviour, with Currys PC World reporting a 70% increase in e-scooter sales in one week following the government’s update. The legislation that has been approved by the Government will now go before the Oireachtas, and is expected to be concluded before Christmas. Under the new legislation, e-scooters will be categorised as powered personal transporters, allowing them to be used in public places without a driving license, tax or insurance. They will essentially be treated in the same way as a bicycle, and their maximum design speed is prescribed to be "no less than six kilometres per hour and no more than 25 kilometres per hour." Jaimie Cantwell, Head of Commercial at Currys PC World Ireland commented: “With more people returning to offices, some are reluctant to use public transport or perhaps don’t have, or want to take their car to the office. We’ve noticed the significant demand for our e-scooters over the past few weeks, with a rise in sales of 25% compared to last year.

We’re expecting a surge in demand over the festive period, with many people receiving an e-scooter as a gift this Christmas. Hopefully this new legislation will provide a lot more confidence for the e-scooter users in Ireland.”

The Currys PC World e-scooter range starts from €249.00 and includes models from leading brands such as Xiaomi, Segway and Zinc.

For more information and to browse the range of e-scooters available at Currys PC World, visit or go in store to one of the 16 stores nationwide.


Top tips for e-scooting include.. Do: • Wear a helmet and make yourself as visible as possible. • Use the roads and adhere to the speed limits. Under the new legislation, an upper speed limit of 25km/h is being proposed in line with government guidance. • Give everything extra-space! Don’t scoot through narrow gaps. • Know your battery life. Don’t let it run empty whilst you’re nowhere near a charging point. 


• Ever use your mobile phone or any entertainment equipment whilst riding your e-scooter. • Ever double up! Scooters are only designed to carry one person. • Ride on a motorway or busway. • Hold on to any other vehicle which is in motion or hold on to any person or thing on, in, or attached to, any such vehicle. • Be a hazard! Park safely and courteously. • Drink and scoot! • Carry anything that could hinder your ability to control the scooter safely. Slán go fóill,



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