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Currys Survey shows 71% of people admit to bringing a laptop on holiday in order to work remotely

Summer is finally here and people are heading off on holidays in search of sun, sea and sand, but do we really switch off? A survey carried out by Currys has shown that 71% of people admit to bringing their laptop on holidays with a view to getting some work done remotely while abroad.


73% also admitted that they would use their laptop abroad to catch up on their favourite TV shows, with 42% bringing streaming sticks with them!


When it comes to traveling with children, tablet and headphones were the most popular items brought (52%), whilst e-learning tech and portable speakers were also a popular choice.


It’s fair to say that a lot of us like to keep up our fitness routines when we go away, with 82% of people still tracking their exercise on a smartwatch while abroad!


Only 22% of people said (apart from their phones) that they bring no other tech items on holiday, while 66% bring between 2 and 5 extra items of tech with them.


When asked to choose ONLY 3 pieces of extra tech to bring, the following were the most popular:

  • Earphones and headphone

  • E-readers to use by the pool

  • Tablets to catch up on streaming services

  • iPads

  • Cameras

  • Portable chargers and powerbanks


The baggage chaos of summer 2022 is certainly playing on people’s minds, and with only 24% saying they have a luggage tracker such as an Apple AirTag, 83% have said they will be investing in one this year in order to make sure their bags don’t go astray!


Currys have everything you need this summer in order to make your holiday abroad as comfortable and stress free as possible...
















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