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Decathlon Ireland launches a new generation of E-Bike

Picture the scene. You’re stopped at a red light, riding uphill or having to brake in an emergency. Then you easily set off again, with your bike reacting instantly and smoothly to the slightest pedal stroke. You no longer need to shift gears. The motor is able to automatically adapt its gear ratio without a hitch, depending on the type of terrain and the rider’s effort. Soft mobility made easy: it’s life-changing.

This year, Decathlon is changing the game with the launch of the LD 920 E automatic (€3,100): the first in a whole new generation of e-bikes. This brand new fully fledged mobility solution features a unique, effortless and ultra-smooth pedalling experience. Start easily and take off effortlessly even on slopes, and cycle up for 150km on one charge! You can also geolocate your bike in real time with the Decathlon app!

A connected experience:

Enjoy greater peace of mind – Connect the LD 920 E automatic to the free Decathlon app and know where the bike is at all times! Discover Decathlon’s different services, designed to meet the cyclist’s needs and help provide them with better support for daily journeys. Keep an eye on the bike 24/7 thanks to built-in connectivity*. Be notified as soon as movement is detected or the bike moves without the cyclist’s knowledge. Report a theft via the app if the bike is stolen and you’ll be put in touch with local police: 91% of stolen bikes are found (9 in 10 bikes).

Get all data in one place – Track the number of miles covered per day, week, month or year at any time. Check the level of CO2 avoided and assess the average speed and number of calories burnt during your journeys.

Share your bike with friends and family – Allow a third party to benefit from the bike’s features by sending them an invite with personalised access.

Enjoy being in good hands – If the cyclist falls off the bike, a message is sent to a chosen person so they can get some help.

Be covered under all circumstances – Thanks to insurance partner LAKA, Decathlon guarantees full cover in the event of accident, damage or theft. If your bike is stolen, it will be replaced or refunded with no excess and no discount if not found within 48 hours. It takes less than 5 minutes to sign up for the insurance via the dedicated app.

A complete urban e-bike:

Weight – 26.1kg

Simpler – No derailleur or cassette

Intelligent drive unit – OWURU continuously variable automatic transmission

Battery – Built-in lithium-Ion 48V battery (702 Wh capacity)

Lights – Powerful built-in light (30 lux)

Carrying capacity – 27kg pannier rack, compatible with baby seats

Brakes – Hydraulic disk brakes

Connected to Mobile App – Built-in GPS module

Dashboard – Built-in colour display

Suspension – “Headshock” type suspension fork

A revolutionary drive unit:

Co-developed with Belgian start-up E2 Drives, the OWURU motor features exclusive all-in-one technology. Its dual-motor system combines reactive electric assistance with continuously variable automatic gear shifting.

As well as removing the need for a derailleur, this innovative system enables an infinite number of gear ratios without you having to worry about it. The motor is a full-fledged propulsion module, providing smooth and reactive gear shifting wherever you ride and whatever you come across.

Cyrille Rouffiat, product designer for the LD 920 E automatic at Decathlon said: “We wanted to have a simple, clean and durable product. When it came to choosing the colours, we didn’t want to just go with the latest trends, we wanted to opt for something timeless that people wouldn’t tire of. In terms of ergonomics, if I take the example of the remote control, it had to be as intuitive as possible. We made sure the buttons were prominent enough for the rider to use them without having to look at them. Each of the button’s functions also move in different ways to make them simple to memorise. And only the horn stands out for its yellow colour, chosen so that it can be quickly identified first time, since it is a safety feature.”

On decisions around functionality, Cyrille commented:“We wanted a bike that was easy to handle. To achieve this, we decided to centre and lower the bike’s centre of gravity as much as possible. The central motor at pedal level and the battery located in the tube also make the bike easy to handle. Like the battery, we also wanted the components to be built into the bike as efficiently as possible: the chain guard hides the motor, and the screen blends right into the stem. Same goes for the lights, which stay on when the bike is started.”

The LD 920 E automatic is available from Decathlon for €3,100. For more information see

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