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Dingle Distillery releases Limited-Edition 'Lá Le Bríde' Single Malt Whiskey

Dingle Distillery is proud to launch its highly anticipated Dingle Lá le Bríde Single Malt Whiskey, the second release in a series of nine limited-edition whiskeys in its Wheel of the Year series. This new release is available now at and across off-licenses and stores nationwide.

Marking the beginning of spring and St. Brigid’s day, the Celtic festival of Lá le Bríde, also known as Imbolc, is a source of hope and joy for farmers. Bríd is said to visit the homes of those who honour her, bestowing her light and protection. This seasonal reawakening coincides with the second release from Dingle Distillery’s Wheel of the Year series.

The Dingle Lá le Bríde Single Malt Whiskey has matured in first fill bourbon casks before a long finish in first fill Rye casks and bottled at 50.5% ABV. With 10,000 bottles set to be released, Irish whiskey enthusiasts will be in for a treat with a highly coveted limited amount due to be available within the Irish market.

Elliot Hughes, Managing Director at Dingle Distillery, comments: “We are thrilled to announce the second whiskey in our Wheel of the Year series, Lá le Bríde, inspired by the ancient Irish celebration of Imbolc. This celebration dates back to the 10th century from Irish literature and is still celebrated annually. This limited-edition release is deeply embedded in our culture and will be sought after from collectors and whiskey lovers alike.”

The Celtic Wheel of the Year is divided into eight periods and following suit the Wheel of the Year series from Dingle Distillery is set to launch eight editions, following the rhythm of the seasons, equinoxes, and solstices. There will also be an additional final release to mark Wren’s Day. While not part of the Celtic Wheel of the Year, its release is in recognition of the importance of the day in Dingle culture. 

The festival of Lá le Bríde marks the beginning of spring. It is a cross quarter day meaning it is the midpoint between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. Imbolg or Imbolc derives from the Old Irish imbolg meaning in the belly, a time when sheep udders fill, and the grass begins to grow. In early Celtic times, Imbolg was a time to celebrate the Celtic Goddess Brigid of inspiration, healing, and smithcraft with associations to fire, the hearth and poetry. When Ireland was Christianised, this was passed on to Saint Brigid.

Today, Brigid is still a symbol of fire and light, and is celebrated as a pagan goddess, patron saint and proto feminist.

Tasting notes for Dingle Lá le Bríde Single Malt Whiskey:

Nose: Honey, crushed raspberries, custard creams, bourbon biscuits, icing sugar on a cream doughnut, butterscotch caramel.

Taste: Big bang spice, mixed herbs, chewy caramel, crystallised ginger, chopped mint.

Finish: Toffee dissolving on the tongue followed by spiced fruit.

Priced at €85 per 70cl bottle, Dingle Lá le Bríde Single Malt Whiskey (50.5% ABV) is available to order now.

Slán go fóill.


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