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Domino's Freezes the Debate - You Can Now Cook Their Pizzas at Home!

April 1st can only mean one thing, avid pizza lovers can now cook their favourite Domino’s at home, as the nation’s best loved pizza company launches its own range of frozen pizzas.

The new range will launch with three of Domino’s most loved pizzas, the Pepperoni Passion, Vegi Supreme and Texas BBQ. All three ready frozen for fans to take home and cook fresh whenever they’re craving a Domino’s.

For the first time, Domino's pizzas will be made in a factory and frozen for customers to reheat at home. This is a significant change in strategy for Domino's. Since opening in the UK in 1985, Domino's has always handmade pizzas to order in stores, and delivered them fresh to customers.

Domino’s plans to expand the range to include other fan favourites that are available on the standard Domino’s store menu.

Eoin Corrigan, Head of Marketing at Domino’s ROI said: “We’re no fools, we know our customers can’t get their Domino’s fix when stores are closed, so when they started asking us whether they could freeze a Domino’s, we thought we’d do it for them."

“Starting with our most popular pizzas, the range will be available from today for fans to take home and cook a delicious Domino’s whenever they want!”

The new products are suitable for all at home ovens ensuring no Domino’s fan misses out. For the best results, follow the cooking instructions on the packaging, and if all else fails, visit your local store to get a taste of fresh hot Domino’s on demand.

Slán go fóill.

Oh... and happy Apri 1st ;)


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