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Early Table partners with Tesco Clubcard to deliver even more savings!

As a nation, we love to eat out, and good food tastes even better when it costs less! This is where comes in!

Via the website, diners book their restaurant of choice and pay using 1 credit (€2) per person. With restaurant listings growing by the day, a range of time slots, discounts of up to 50%, and the ability to book for up to 6 guests, it’s the flexible and fun way to discover new and exciting options for eating out. It supports the hospitality industry too, filling otherwise empty tables, and delivering an average spend of €40 per diner!

Now there’s added good news, as Tesco Clubcard members can now turn their Clubcard vouchers into Early Table Credits at a preferential rate - Select €5 worth of Clubcard vouchers to receive a code for 5 Early Table credits – a saving of 50%! It’s a perfect partnership, delivering added value for people who know they love good food, and appreciate good value too.

Suzanne Quinn, Customer Director, Tesco Ireland said: “It’s great to have Early Table up and running on our Clubcard Reward Partner programme. We’re very proud of this programme, allowing our most loyal customers to get more from their grocery shop and in turn Clubcard vouchers. We’re excited to see how our customers enjoy using Early Table.”

The appetite for Early Table is still growing!  There are now over 25,000 active subscribers, and at least 1,000 diners booking the platform weekly, delivering savings of about €45,000.

From Fine Dining to Fast Casual, and solo operations to large hospitality groups, offering every type and style of cuisine, there’s now hundreds of venues across the country reaping the rewards of quickly and easily filling seats as, when and how they choose!

Shane Mitchell, Director of Ellerman Hospitality, which operates Asador in Dublin 4, has listed Asador on Early Table since August. The restaurant specialises in meat and fish cooked over fire, with an all-day menu offering snacks, small plates, main courses, sides and desserts. An 8oz fillet steak from the a la carte menu will set you back €46 at full price.

Early Table is an initiative that is proving very successful at Asador. “We are delighted how Early Table helped launch our new all day opening times. After 10 years of having a service break between lunch and dinner we decided to open all day. As we needed to get this out to the market, we used all our. normal channels but also engaged Early Table to help fill the restaurant during these times. We have been thrilled with the results!”

Visit for more information.

Slán go fóill.


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