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Em-bark to ALDI as the Big Pet Event returns to stores with amazing value across pet food, toys and accessories

Stock up on everyday essentials and drool-worthy treats for your furry friends when ALDI’s Big Pet Event kicks off in stores nationwide from February 22nd. From premium pet food to toys that will set tails wagging, ALDI has everything you need to pamper and spoil your pet - all at everyday low prices. What a bark-gain!  

Get ready for daily adventures with your furry companion thanks to ALDI’s range of accessories designed to see you through walkies and road trips. Keep your pooch snug as a bug post-walk with a Soft Pet Blanket €6.99, available in stylish neutral tones.

Take your dog along for the ride and protect your car from mucky paws with a Washable Pet Boot Mat €12.99 and Car Seat Cover €14.99. Ensure your floors stay spotless after outdoor adventures with the paw-proof Dirt Buster Runner €14.99. Let them rest and recharge at the end of a busy day with the machine washable Pet Rug €16.99, perfect for draping over your bed or armchair.  

Take playtime to the next level with ALDI’s range of games and toys. Enjoy endless fun with the Ball Launcher/Frisbee €2.99, ideal for outdoor play. Treat them to interactive play with the soft, durable Multi Material Plush Toy €3.99.

Surprise them with delicious treats and satisfy their hunting instincts with the clever Treat Dispenser Toy €3.99. Store toys inside the adorable Fabric Pet Storage €6.99. Get your pup ready for Crufts with the multi-use Agility Set €12.99. Each set contains a slalom, hurdle poles and tunnel, making it perfect for outdoor exercise and play.  


Don’t forget ALDI is home to premium pet food and tasty treats that will keep your pet satisfied all day long - at budget-friendly prices you won’t find anywhere else. Keep dogs healthy and happy with Langham’s Premium Dog Food €1.19.

Show them who’s a good boy with Langham’s Natural Dog Treats €2.59, available in delicious flavours they will love like Duck Fillets, Chicken Twists, Chicken Fillets or Beef Steaks. Spoil your whiskered friends with Healthy Balance Premium Complete Cat Food €2.99 and yummy Meaty Selection Cat Food Pouches €3.29.

Better yet, save money and stock up on Whiskas Megapack Cat Pouch €19.99 (40 x 85g). That works out at 50c per pouch - ALDI doesn’t kitten around when it comes to value. 


What are you waiting for? Head to your nearest ALDI to check out The Big Pet Event while stocks last.  

See below for a full range of pet products available in 161 ALDI stores nationwide as part of The Big Pet Event.  


Available from February 22nd: 

Bakers Sizzlers €1.59 (90g) 

• Ball Launcher/Frisbee €2.99 

Choose from Ball Launcher or Frisbee. Available in blue, orange or yellow. Launcher approx. 50cm. 

• Multi Material Plush Toy €3.99 

Soft yet durable design. Multiple textures for sensory stimulation. Perfect for interactive games. Choose from Snake, Hippo, Bird or Crocodile designs. 

• Treat Dispenser Toy €3.99 

Treat-concealing design satisfies their hunting instincts. Promotes mental stimulation. Choose from Pear, Dumbbell, Egg or Ball designs. 

• Tug Toy €3.99 

Reflective stitching to help you find the ball at night. Raised lines and dots for better sensory stimulation. Webbing handle has 2 strands of shock cord for extra elasticity and safe play. Available in green, yellow, orange or pink. 

• Cat Scratcher €4.99 

Made from natural and nontoxic material. Choose from Carrot, Corn, Chilli Pepper or Aubergine designs. 

• Noodle Dog Toy €4.99 

Soft yet durable design. Includes squeaker. Noodle textured fabric improves sensory play. Choose from Chick, Mouse, Bee or Snail designs. 

• Wagg Bumper Dog Treats €4.99 (500g)  

• Langham’s Bumper Treats €6.69 (320g/400g) 

Choose from Chicken or Meaty Treaty Variety Packs, or Chicken or Duck Breast Fillets Natural Treats. 

• Edged Dirt Buster Mat €6.99 

Absorbent and dirt resistant. Non-slip black PVC border. Machine washable. Matching Runner available. Available in 3 colours and designs. Approx. 50 x 75cm. 

• Fabric Pet Storage €6.99 

Choose from grey Dog, cream Dog, grey Cat or beige Dog designs.  

• Soft Pet Blanket €6.99 

Available in grey, brown, taupe or cream. Approx. 100 x 80cm. 

• Wire Pet Shelf €6.99 Choose from Bone or Oblong shapes. 

• Felix Pouches €7.89 (18 x 100g)  

• Dog Towelling Coat €8.99 

Effective warmth retention whilst maintaining freedom of movement. Machine washable. Available in grey or blue. Sizes S-L Grooming Mitt. Machine washable. Available in grey or blue.  

• Agility Set €12.99 

Perfect way to interact with your dog and promote exercise and outdoor fun. Easy to assemble. Choose from Hoop, Slalom Hurdle Poles or Tunnel.  

• Washable Pet Boot Mat €12.99 

Super-soft pile. Protects your car boot from dirty paws. Also ideal for cages and kennels. Machine washable. Choose from 4 designs. Approx. 67 x 100cm. 

• Car Seat Cover €14.99 

Protective, absorbent pile. Universal size and easy to fit. Machine washable. Approx. 57 x 140cm.  

• Edged Dirt Buster Runner €14.99 

Machine washable. Available in 3 colours and designs. Approx. 57 x 150cm. 

• Winalot Meaty Chunks Dog Pouches €14.99 (24 x 100g) 

• Pet Rug €16.99 Perfect for throwing over your bed, sofa or favourite armchair. Strong backing. Machine washable. Available in light grey or dark grey. Approx. 67 x 100cm. 

Available now:   

• Langham’s Premium Dog Food €1.19 (390g) Multibuy 5 for €5. 

• Mega/Mini Chew Bones €1.19 (180g/200g) Choose from Chicken or Beef 

• Vitacat Pawsome Pockets €1.19 (65g) Choose from Salmon, Chicken or Cheese.  

• Langham’s Premium Tray Grain Free Chicken €1.29 (395g)  

• Vitacat Cat Licks €1.49 (5 x 15g) Choose from Salmon or Chicken. 

• Vitacat Cat Litter €2.49 (10 litres)  

• Langham’s Chewy Sticks €2.59 (90g/110g) Choose from Tasty Chicken, Crunchy Chicken, Chewy Duck or Meaty Sausage.  

• Langham’s Natural Dog Treats €2.59 (100g/120g) Choose from Duck Fillets, Chicken Twists, Chicken Fillets or Beef Steaks.  

• Healthy Balance Premium Complete Cat Food €2.99 (800g) Choose from Salmon & Wholegrains or Chicken & Wholegrains. 

• Meaty Selection Cat Food Pouches €3.29 (12 x 100g) Choose from Meaty or Fish. 

• Pouches in Gravy/Jelly €3.79 (12 x 100g)  

• Moist & Meaty Adult Dog Food €5.19 (3kg)  

• Langham’s Dry Chicken Dog Food €6.99 (3kg)  

• Whiskas Dry Cat Food €9.99 (1.9kg) 

Whiskas Megapack Cat Pouch €19.99 (40 x 85g)  


Available in ALDI stores nationwide.

Slán go fóill.


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