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Essential home appliances for your College Kitchen!

Have you or someone you know moved out for college and are struggling to make a decision on the essential home appliances you may need for your new kitchen?

Currys has put together a list of great value kitchen items that won’t break the bank as you start the next chapter of your life!

Items Under €50

• Featuring adjustable browning you'll get that perfect golden crispiness each time. The removable crumb tray means your worktop will stay clean and tidy.

• Enjoy deliciously browned sandwiches every time with the stainless steel Logik L02SMS17 Sandwich Toaster. It has two non-stick plates that seal your sandwich for toasted and crispy results. Cool touch handles let you work the toaster with no need for kitchen gloves.

• Make tea for everyone thanks to this kettle's 1.7 litre capacity. You won't have to worry about safety with automatic shut-off and boil-dry protection. The 360° base means you can grab the kettle or pop it back down without hassle.

• Get done with ironing with the Logik L220IR20 Steam Iron. Thanks to the powerful shot of steam you can remove even the stubborn creases and wrinkles. The anti-scale self cleaning feature makes sure the tank stays clean and with no scale building up on the walls. The versatile appliance lets you steam or dry iron your clothes both horizontally and vertically.

• Get your morning cuppa ready in a flash with this Logik kettle's 3000 W power. Make up to 7 cups of tea or coffee in one go – perfect when you've got friends or family over. It's got an anti-limescale filter so you can enjoy better tasting beverages. Easily use the kettle with either your left or right hand thanks to its 360° base.

• The adjustable browning lets you grill your toast to the perfect level of golden crispness. Take your bread from frozen to delightfully crunchy in no time with the defrost setting. The high-lift eject function makes it easy for you to get your slice out without burning your fingers.

• The air fryer has 6 pre-set functions so you can whip yourself up crispy shrimp, chicken or a cake in no time. With a cool touch handle, you won't need an oven glove when checking up on your fries. No more wasting time with cleaning - just take out the frying basket and pop it into a dishwasher or wipe it. With the non-stick coating, it's easy as that.

• Blend, juice, chop, dice and grate all with just one appliance. Create everything from smoothies to soups – simply add your ingredients to the cup, press down and twist to lock it into place for hands-free blending. You can also use the pulse mode to tackle chunkier things like fresh salsa or chopped onions. With three cups and a variety of lids, you'll have plenty of options for getting creative in the kitchen.

Items Under €100

• The super-fast blades spin 275 times a second, making light work of anything from fruit and veg to nuts, seeds and more. Simply blend in the jar, then pop on the leak-proof lid and head out the door. The BlendJet 2 holds up to 475 ml and you can make up to 15 drinks on a single battery charge – the BlendJet 2 has twice as much battery life as the original BlendJet. It's easy to recharge too – simply plug it into any USB port or charger to power up in no time.

• Freshen up your favourite outfits with the Philips STH3000/26 Clothes Steamer. This handheld steamer takes only 30 seconds to heat up, so you won't have to wait long to get started. And its 100 ml water tank is detachable, so it's easy to refill. Great for travelling, it has a compact, foldable design, so you can easily pop it in your suitcase.

• The George Foreman 25820 Large Fit Grill is compact yet spacious. You get surprisingly large grill plates on quite a small appliance, fitting up to 10 portions. The Large Fit Grill has the George Foreman signature clip-on drip tray to collect all the unnecessary fat. Then you can just rinse it and pop into dishwasher. Plates are easy to clean too, just wipe the non-stick surface.

• Easy to use, this blender features a unique Extractor Blade that spins at 20,000 RPM directly into the NutriBullet cups, letting turn your favourite vegetables, fruits, nut and seeds into nutrient-rich liquids to fuel your body and busy lifestyle. Powered by a 600 W cyclonic motor, stems, seeds and skins are easily broken down to create smooth drinks. This blender comes with two dishwasher-safe cups that act as both extraction and drinking vessel.

• Choose from 6 power levels to suit what you're making – use a low one for chocolate sauce and a high one for soup or popcorn. The 15-litre capacity is perfect for a small dinner plate or a big bowl of pasta. The compact design helps you save space on your kitchen counter.

• The non-stick aluminium pot can be used on most hobs for searing. The pot and lid are both dishwasher safe, so that's one less chore. You can pick from 3 heat settings if you need them. Knives and forks at the ready – there's a countdown timer and it'll beep when the food is ready.

• Cook, reheat and defrost with the versatile Kenwood K20MCU21 Solo Microwave. With a 20 litre capacity, you have plenty of space to prepare your meal. Reheat some tasty leftovers, cook a ready meal, make some popcorn or defrost meat with this versatile appliance.

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