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Find Your Aqua Gel: Avène introduces new hydration solutions for every skin type

Avène, Ireland's leading French skincare brand, is elevating skin care routines for all skin types with two innovative additions to its aqua gel collection, offering tailored solutions for diverse skin needs.

Building upon the success of the beloved Hydrance Aqua Gel, the brand has launched the brand new Cleanance Aqua Gel and Hyaluron Activ B3 Cell Renewal Aqua Cream-In-Gel to its collection, each designed to address specific skin concerns with precision and efficacy.

Find your perfect Avène Aqua Gel below:

Dry/Normal SkinAvène Hydrance Aqua Gel: (RRP: €33):

The Hydrance Aqua Gel stands as a testament to Avène's commitment to comprehensive hydration and protection. Crafted with a unique blend of Cohederm™, Pre-Tocopheryl, Dextran Sulfate and Avène Thermal Spring Water, this all-in-one gel-cream replenishes moisture levels, mattifies the skin and enhances its natural radiance. With 24 hours of continuous hydration1 and a refreshing aqua-gel texture, it leaves the skin feeling nourished, supple and revitalized.

Key Benefits:

• 24 Hours of continuous hydration1

• 97% very fresh texture

• +108% boost in hydration

• 93% say their skin is immediately nourished

Oily SkinAvène Cleanance Aqua Gel (RRP: €24.99):

For those seeking a solution to control excess sebum and tighten pores, the Cleanance Aqua Gel offers a multi-benefit daily skincare regimen. Formulated with Monolaurin, Pre-Tocopheryl, Niacinamide and Avène Thermal Spring Water, this gel effectively mattifies the skin, reduces shine by 50% instantly and visibly improves pore appearance over time3. Its lightweight absorbent texture absorbs quickly, ensuring immediate and lasting results while respecting sensitive skin and nature, formulated with 95% ingredients of natural origin.

Key Benefits:

• Controls excess sebum and tightens pores3

• 24 hour hydration

• Shine decreases by 50% instantly

• Contains 95% natural-origin ingredients

• Instantly improves pore appearance

Ageing SkinAvène Hyaluron Activ B3 Cell Renewal Aqua Cream-In-Gel (RRP: €44):

Addressing the signs and causes of aging, the Hyaluron Activ B3 Cell Renewal Aqua Cream-In-Gel is a revolutionary formulation infused with Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, Avocado Oil and Avène Thermal Spring Water.

By targeting cellular senescence—the root cause of skin aging—this gel-cream rejuvenates and revitalizes the skin, reducing wrinkles, fine lines and signs of fatigue. Its lightweight formula provides intense hydration, leaving the skin regenerated, firmer and visibly younger-looking.

Key Benefits:

• 91% ingredients of natural origin• Immediately, intensely and durably hydrates (24h)• Immediately plumps & smoothes the skin

• After 2 weeks, the skin looks regenerated, firmer and wrinkles appear reduced

• All-in-one day cream, night cream and mask

"We are thrilled to expand our aqua gel collection with solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of our consumers," says Melanie Black, Training and Scientific Communications Manager at Avène .

"With our new launches it is now possible to find the perfect Aqua Gel to hydrate, nourish, protect and rejuvenate their skin, ensuring a radiant and healthy complexion."

Discover your perfect aqua gel and unlock the secret to hydrated, refreshed, and youthful-looking skin with Avène's latest innovations.

Available from pharmacies nationwide + online at

Visit for more information.

Slán go fóill.


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