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  • Writer's pictureDanny Joyce | Editor launches 'Dublin Food Map' - the ultimate guide of Dublin’s Food & Drinks scene

Living in the digital age and being substantially dependent on recommendations as they come, what better way to share them than through an interactive map of Dublin’s restaurants and cafés.

Many of us use maps on the daily, but did you know you can also keep track your favourite restaurants and recommended spots by pinning them on Google Maps? Irah, the owner of, has launched this map as a way to help her and her audience navigate the sea of culinary delights in Dublin, while also highlighting the booming scene of small food businesses in the city.

The map is populated with’s tried and tested, their foodie bucket list and highly scored recommendations from friends and families. You can conveniently filter through the map based on your preference, budget and location.

From grab-and-go bites like Meltdown and DiFontaines, to the newly opened Bovinity, Zaatar and Flower and Bean, all the way to the long-running brunch spots, cafés, pubs, bars and fine dining restaurants.

There are over 350 spots to discover and re-discover. You’ll never be lost searching for food spots in our beautiful city. The map is still growing and evolving. As such, if you’re a business and would like to be part of the map, get in touch with Irah through

Irah merged her love for content creation, passion for food and expertise in social media marketing to bring life to back in 2019. Today, it has become one of Dublin’s leading food blogs and amongst the trendiest Instagram and TikTok accounts for food and drink recommendations.

Irah is on a mission to showcase Dublin’s booming food scene through the lens of For more details, please visit -

For more details on the awesome new map, visit

Slán go fóill.


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