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Take home the tastiest chicken from Glenhaven, from their Family to yours!

Over nearly four decades, the Cahill Family has grown their frozen food business to become one of Ireland’s largest. The Wicklow based company, now headed by the second generation of brother and sister Barry and Emma Cahill, credits their success to constant innovation, and have recently undertaken the largest rebrand in the company’s history. Glenhaven is proud to be one of the only Irish-produced chicken brands to be found in the freezer aisle!

Glenhaven now looks forward to many more decades of helping families serve up delicious food across Ireland, the UK and beyond! With a fresh new look and a TV campaign inspired by their own family, Glenhaven and the Cahills are excited for this new era!

Best known, and loved, for their Glenhaven Breaded Chicken Goujons, the growing popularity of new and innovative products is testament to consumers changing tastes! As the grá for ‘fake-aways’ grows, Glenhaven Chinese Style Crispy Shredded Chicken and Glenhaven Chinese Style Battered Chicken Balls satisfy our love of take away treats, but at a fraction of the cost. Filling your freezer with Glenhaven is a win-win for family dinners, casual suppers, or just a quick and tasty snack. Whether you fancy a weekend treat, or a mid-week hero, make sure to come home to Glenhaven.

However you like your Glenhaven, you can be assured that you’re enjoying the tastiest chicken, made in Wicklow, with NO artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives! So you can serve it up with peace of mind!

Glenhaven Breaded Irish Chicken Goujons - RRP €3.99

Glenhaven Chinese Style Crispy Shredded Chicken – RRP €3.99

Glenhaven Chinese Style Salt & Chilli Shredded Chicken – RRP €3.99

Glenhaven Chinese Style Battered Chicken Balls – RRP €3.99

Glenhaven Southern Fried Irish Chicken Goujons – RRP €3.99

Glenhaven Battered Irish Chicken Goujons – RRP €3.99

Glenhaven 360g Battered Irish Chicken Dippers – RRP €3.99

Glenhaven Breaded Irish Chicken Fillets x 4 – RRP €3.99

To help you make the most of your favourite Glenhaven pick, the Cahill family have come up with a range of recipe and serving suggestions, based on how they like to serve it up at home! Check out their social media for more inspiration - @GlenhavenFoods

Click the picture above to download a FREE PDF Cookbook


Try a Cahill family favourite.. A healthier take on a Spice Bag!

Simply choose Glenhaven Salt & Chilli Shredded Chicken and oven cook or air-fry, alongside some homemade chips, or frozen fries if you’re feeling indulgent!

Meanwhile pan fry sliced onions and peppers, with your favourite spice bag seasoning.

Mix all the cooked elements together and serve up sprinkled with chopped chillies and green onions if you like.

You won’t believe that something that simple can taste so good!

The Glenhaven range is from a 100% independent, Irish owned family business and is available now nationwide, you'll find them in the freezer aisle!

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Slán go fóill.


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