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GRAHAM'S Kasundi Chutney joins the condiment collection!

A small family enterprise, ‘Graham’s’ is based in the Boyne Valley near Slane, Co. Meath. Established in 2014 by Graham Kearns, a mustard fan, with the ambition of creating the condiments he loves, with a twist.  The collection now includes Horseradish Sauce, Dijon Mustard, Wholegrain Mustard and the most recent additions to the range: Steak Mustard and Kasundi Chutney. The entire collection is available to buy online at, boxed as six including nationwide shipping for €27 – a perfect gift for any food lover. Choose a mixed set, with one extra of your favourite, or six of the same!

Graham Kearns says: "We have some super small suppliers around the country who really care about their produce and are dedicated to ensuring everything meets the highest standards. Our Kasundi is made in small batches using as many Irish ingredients as seasonally possible. We add a rich tomato sauce to a flavoured mustard broth to create a unique combination that is a mainstay in Bengali cuisine".

Kasundi A Bengalese chutney with a mustard base and a quintessential Indian flavour - it goes with all things Indian and more. Try it with a cheeseboard, in a burger or on your favourite sandwich for a sweet spicy kick. It’s perfect for Christmas too, adding flavour to festive favourites such as cold meats and turkey curry.

Steak Mustard With 10% tarragon, a mustard made especially for Steak. Think all the qualities of a good bearnaise meets a smooth Dijon mustard.  For a limited period, there’s a complimentary jar included with every dinner box from renowned steak house The Butcher Grill. It pairs perfectly! (

Horseradish Sauce Each jar or Graham’s Horseradish sauce is packed full of grated horseradish with a slightly sweet finish. It won 3 gold stars in The Great Taste Awards 2017, the only Horseradish to ever to claim the coveted 3.

Wholegrain Mustard Graham’s Wholegrain Mustard is made from a combination of brown and yellow mustard seeds. It is aged for two and a half months, the result being a sophisticated and distinct wholegrain mustard.

Dijon Mustard Our Dijon won a silver medal at the World Mustard Awards. A potent Dijon mustard, it was commended for its power and subtlety of flavour in the finish.

‘Graham’s’ condiments are available from Supervalu and all good independent grocers at RRP €3.90

Also available online at


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