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Halloween at Luggwoods, a Frightfully Great Experience

We had the pleasure of attending Luggwoods press night for their Halloween Experience yesterday evening, absolutely loved it.. so did the kids!

Nestled in the foothills of the Dublin Mountains, Luggwoods Outdoor Halloween Family Experience is an outdoor trail full of fun for the whole Family.

As the trail starts you're greeted by some friendly Scarecrows who will brief your little ones on what fun lies ahead. It's a beautiful vibrant set up in Luggwoods, anyone who may have visited the Santa Experience here will recognise the start of this trail as being the end of that one. Which is refreshing, especially as it's only around 6 weeks until the Christmas Experience kicks off and we return!

Your little ones will first be lead to the door of the Mad Scientists lab where the fun kicks off as they tell visitors they have forgotten the ingredients to the Witches Brew that will bring Pumpkin Patch back to life. Here is where you are set out on a mission to go gather an ingredient from the different stations.

From here on in you will meet Zombie Cheerleaders, Skeletons, Aliens, Werewolves & Trolls as each give the kids a fun challenge to do (like dancing, speaking Alien & howling like a Werewolf) in order to be given an ingredient for them to remember. It's all done in such a fun and interactive way, little ones of all ages will absolutely love it!

After collecting the ingredients you head on to the (friendly!) Witch. We honestly got such a laugh from her, excellent with the kiddies and involves the adults too. She takes you to the Witches Well where the ingredients are recited and the spell is created to bring Pumpkin Patch to life.

This is where the final station is, Pumpkin will greet you and as a thank you for saving the day, will let you take some pumpkins home. But not before you get a professional photo taken for a keepsake of the memory that was a really fun event.

One image is complimentary, and further images are €15 thereafter.

Luggwoods Forest really is enchanted with the staff and crew who were fun, friendly and very interactive. The set up is fantastic from start to finish, I simply cannot recommend it enough.

Anyone that has booked this Experience is in for a treat, and for those who haven't but would still like to.. act fast, there are a few tickets still available!

Check out Luggwoods website for availability.

Oh and if you are going, make sure to dress up.. there will be daily prizes for the best dressed Families!

Slán go fóill,



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