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I Finally Got A New Laptop!

After a few years of dealing with a temperamental, and slowly giving up laptop, I was delighted to finally pick up a new one this week!

In this day and age I can't think of many more infuriating things than slow technology, and I reckon I'm not the only one who feels this way. Slow to connect, battery no longer charging and a damaged power port.. the laptop I had been using has served me well, but it's time for a change. So, over the last short while I started to look at new laptops to find the perfect one for my needs.

Needless to say, Currys was my first stop to see what's available these days. Currys have a fantastic range, great prices (especially when there's a sale on) and I've always found their staff to be genuinely interested in finding the right product for your needs.

I went to my local Currys with three laptops in mind that I'd browsed on their website, but I kind of had my heart settled on one.. the HP 14s-dq2502na 14" Laptop

I don't need a super high tech gaming laptop, like most I just to get online nice and swift etc. I'm a website Editor so I do need a fast processor, decent storage, a good battery life and something lightweight for editing on the move.. this laptop just seemed to tick all the boxes.

After having my mind half made up, I had a chat with one of the (very friendly, helpful & extremely knowledgeable!) staff members in Currys just to make sure. We discussed a few options but I was fully reassured by the conversation that this laptop was perfect for what I need.

I delightedly I made my way home with my new tech toy and had the joy of unboxing it.. it was even more lightweight than I realised! Like a child at Christmas I got around to setting it up within a matter of minutes and was on my way to a less stressful edit of the website.

The HP 14s-dq2502na 14" Laptop is a fantastic "all rounder", it's fast, light and has a good battery. I'd genuinely recommend this to any potential buyer, and more so, I recommend popping in to Currys to have a chat with the Team to get advice as it really helps to make sure you're getting the laptop that will suit you best. This particular laptop was only €389, so not overly expensive, but still a very good laptop at the price nonetheless.

I was kindly gifted this Laptop from Currys, for which I'm ever so grateful for. I have a lot of updates and designs to add to this website, I'm now looking forward to delving in at a quick pace now thanks to this acquisition, I've been so restricted lately with the old unit.

The Laptop's Features: Weight - It's very lightweight (only 1.46kg) exactly what I need for on the go editing. A lot of the time I just need to have it handy, so at this weight it's perfect. Battery - The battery life is very good, at up to 9.5 hours, more than enough to see me through a day of editing and browsing. It's also worth noting that with the HP fast charge feature, it will reach 50% charge in just 45 minutes. Processor - Intel® Pentium® Gold 7505 Storage - This has 4gb RAM and128gb of storage so a decent amount of data for running programs etc Screen - The laptop has a stunning Full HD display with anti-glare panel, making it very easy to watch movies/shows via your favourite streaming service. Also built in are two forward facing speakers, and the sound quality is pretty sharp! • This also features a Free Upgrade to Windows 11 when it's available. • It has all the ports you need. There's a USB-C for fast charging and data transfer and two more USB ports for your peripherals. And with a HDMI cable, you can hook up a monitor or TV, turning it into a workstation or a super-smart set top box.

This particular laptop can be found online here, or in Currys stores nationwide. For more information on their laptop and accessories range, visit

Slán go fóill,



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