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Introducing Freddy’s 'Paddy Pie' - a Pizza & Potato Match Made in Heaven

We all know the Irish love their food, from a traditional breakfast fry, Granny’s bacon and cabbage to Mum's warming beef stew, the more comforting and hearty the better! St.Patrick’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate with an Irish take on an Italian classic. To honour some of Ireland’s most loved foods, Freddy’s has created a delicious pizza special, The Paddy Pie.

Serving authentic Italian pizza for over 30 years, food lovers will rejoice in this comforting hybrid Irish-Italian feast featuring the humble potato, black pudding and crispy bacon loaded on their signature light and airy pizza base. There will be all sorts of shenanigans taking place this St.Patrick's Day and diving into The Paddy Pie is one for those who want the taste of Ireland on a delicious comforting pizza. Take a break from your Lenten fast and wash it down with a cold local beer from a refreshing selection available at Freddy’s (from €5.50).

The Paddy Pie features a mozzarella base with potato, black pudding, bacon, goats cheese and green pesto loaded on Freddy’s signature light and airy pizza base (€14.50). Available during St.Patrick's weekend only, March 17th - 20th.

FREDDY’S is located at 15 Quay Street, Galway Covering 50 inside / 20 outside for a truly enjoyable dining experience. For more information, see

Slán go fóill,



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