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Introducing Quizkey - A Quiz night with Whiskey Tastings

Ever wanted to sit back and really relax at a Whiskey Tasting, have the craic but still learn about the liquid and all that goes with it?

Ever been to a Quiz Night and wanted to have a few drinks, and break the night up with something fun and informative?

Well now you can have it all, with Quizkey! Quizkey is a unique event where patrons have all the fun of a general knowledge trivia quiz, with the added fun of sampling some Irish Whiskey in between rounds!

March 30th will see the launch of the first ever Quizkey night, in Ned's Bar at the Ashbourne House Hotel (co. Meath)

How will it work?

Quizkey kicks off at 7.30pm and will run for roughly two hours. On the night there will be a fun General Knowledge trivia quiz consisting of four rounds, between each round guests will have the opportunity to sample an Irish Whiskey while the Team add scores up etc.

For the inaugural night the Whiskeys will be 'an introduction to Irish Whiskey' with a flight of four different styles of Whiskey (Single Grain, Blend, Pot Still & Single Malt) This is a great opportunity for anyone who is looking to learn a little about Whiskey, or just try something new in general, in a fun and friendly environment.

About Quizkey

Quizkey was set up by four friends who enjoy Whiskey, and want to share their passion with those who have interest or want to start a journey of getting to know more about Whiskey in general. Quizkey will be based on the premise of a fun night, with the encouragement of asking questions and answering any that guests may have, however big or small they may feel it is.

Co-founder Grant Irwin said: "We want people to be able to enjoy themselves, have the opportunity to sample some Whiskey that they may never have even thought about trying before and to make them feel they can do this in an open friendly environment."

"Adding the Quiz aspect to the night makes it even more fun, the quiz will be random general knowledge with hopefully a few laughs thrown in along the way. We'll have prizes for the winning table, and something for the best table name too. We just want to host an enjoyable night that will put some people on the path of liking Whiskey."

"Whiskey is not for everyone, but sometimes people will find they just haven't tried or found the one that suits their tastebuds yet, that's where we hope to help!"

Tickets for Quizkey are on sale now via Eventbrite

Slán go fóill.


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