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Ireland’s Biggest Gym Chain, FLYEfit, announces major investment in Gym renovations for 2024

FLYEfit, Ireland’s premier gym chain, is gearing up to make 2024 a monumental year for fitness enthusiasts as it announces a significant investment in the renovation of 13 gym locations across the country! 

This major investment highlights FLYEfit's commitment to providing top-notch facilities and services to its members, ensuring they have access to the latest fitness equipment and amenities.

Prepare for an elevated workout experience as FLYEfit introduces 36 cutting-edge machines across the 13 gym locations, featuring brands such as Exigo and Gymleco to ensure a top-quality workout. Members can anticipate a complete revamp of studios with new lighting and state-of-the-art bikes, taking spin class sessions to new heights! Not only this, FLYEfit is upgrading its changing areas so that members have all they need for a seamless gym experience!

Chiara Palagi, Senior Marketing Executive of FLYEfit said “We are thrilled to unveil our renovation plans at 13 FLYEfit locations, this investment represents our dedication to enhancing the fitness experience for our members and the local community”.

New equipment will include: DY Row, High Row, Iso Lateral Rowing, Tricep Seated Dip, Decline Chest, Incline Chest, Horizontal Chest, Lat Raise, Shoulder Press, V Squat, Squat Lunge Drive, Leg Extension, Lying Leg Curl, Abductor/Adductor, Pendulum Squat, Pendulum Leg Press, Standing Chest Press, Incline Pec Fly, Seal Row, Seated Row, Bicep Curl, Cable Stacks,Stairmasters, Bay, Squat Rig, A Whole New Dumbbell Area, Brand New Barbells, Brand New Plates & more!

Larry Liutvaitis, Manager of FLYEfit Drumcondra said, “Our favourite new piece of kit is the ‘Smith machine’ as it helps beginners who want to do barbell work but are afraid to use actual barbells. Smith machine provides guidance of which way the bar should move and if someone was to perform an exercise wrong it reduces the risk of injury if they were to use and actual barbell. You can also do a various different exercises with a smith machine that you can’t with a barbell as the bar on the machine is guided and locked in to place”.

Ian Meehan, Manager of FLYEfit Portobello also shared his favourite new machine saying “For me though I think it’s has to be the cable 8 stack. I’m a big fan of using cables and with all of the different stations there’s just so much you’re able to do. Seated cable Lat pull-down is an all-time favourite and the 8 stack has 2 in built”.

The renovations are scheduled to be completed in the coming months and FLYEfit looks forward to welcoming all it's members to try out the top-notch equipment and facilities!

List of gyms that will undergo renovations: Portobello, George, Ranelagh, Cork, CHQ, Sallynoggin, Tallaght, Drumcondra, Crumlin, Liffey Valley, Swords, Blanchardstown and Dundrum.

For more information about FLYEfit, please visit or visit their Socials:

Instagram - @flyefit

TikTok - @flyefitofficial

Slán go fóill.


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