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Krispy Kreme celebrates Ireland’s finest flavours with limited-edition St. Patrick’s Day Collection

Get ready for a joy-filled St. Patrick’s Day as Krispy Kreme introduces two new Irish-inspired doughnuts! From Irish Kreme to Stout Brownie flavoured fillings, each doughnut is specially designed to capture the true essence of Ireland’s finest flavours! 

There’s something for everyone in this special St Patrick’s Day bundle. Looking for a smooth creamy indulgence? Try the lusciously filled Irish Kreme, dipped in caramel and dark chocolatey icing. For a stronger flavour punch try, Twist & Stout featuring a stout flavour brownie batter filling, dipped in rich dark chocolatey icing.

Also available as part of the range are Emerald Sprinkles, an Irish-inspired take on the Chocolate Sprinkles Doughnut, dipped in chocolatey icing with vibrant green sprinkles. And Gaelic Cookies & Cream – light and fluffy with delightful crunchy cookies & kreme frosting! 

From March 11th all the way to St. Patrick's Day, doughnut lovers can indulge in this melt-in-your-mouth collection. Krispy Kreme’s new Irish delights are perfect for sharing with family, friends, and all your loved ones. This St. Patrick’s Day, prepare to savour these tasty flavours synonymous with Ireland including:

Irish Kreme (from €3.75) - Filled with Irish kreme flavour filling, dipped in caramel icing, dark chocolatey icing, and chocolate shaving.

Twist & Stout (from €3.75) - Filled with a stout flavour brownie batter, dipped in dark chocolatey icing and white chocolate curls!

Emerald Sprinkles (from €3.35)- An Original Glazed Doughnut dipped in chocolatey icing & covered in green sprinkles.

Gaelic Cookies & Cream (from €3.75) - Light and fluffy with a crunchy cookies & kreme frosting, lined with green icing.

Feature Dozen (from €26.95) available 15th – 17th March- Includes 3 Irish Kreme, 3 Twist & Stout, 3 Gaelic Cookies & Kreme, and 3 Emerald Sprinkles.

To celebrate our national holiday, doughnut lovers can grab a box of the made fresh daily in Ireland range from Monday 11th March to Sunday 17th March or pre-order for click and collect from 29th February. So, grab a box, gather your loved ones, and let the St. Patrick’s Day festivities begin!   

Slán go fóill.


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