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Let the good times be-gin! Celebrate World Gin Day with ALDI - Ireland’s Drinks Retailer of the Year

This year, World Gin Day takes place on June 8th. Ring in G&T season by heading to ALDI, where you will find a spectacular selection of premium brand gin, Irish-made gin and ready-to-drink gin & tonic - all at everyday low prices. 

Summer in a glass! Enjoy a refreshing evening tipple with Mo Chara Passionfruit & Mango €19.99.

Distilled at the Old Carrick Mill Distillery in Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan, this gin is infused with rich, fruity flavours that serve as a wonderful base for a gin and tonic or spritz cocktail. This bottle recently picked up a coveted Gold Medal at the World Spirits Awards 2024.

Experience the taste of West Waterford with Boyle’s Raspberry Blush Gin €19.99, now in a 500ml format, or stick to the classic Boyle’s Gin €22.09 (down from €24.99). Made by Blackwater Distillery exclusively for ALDI, this gin is made with locally sourced botanicals like blackcurrants, apples, and elderflower. A firm favourite among ALDI customers, this range has racked up plaudits since first launching in ALDI over seven years ago.

Let us go exotic and discover the fusion of Maharani Gin €32.99. Distilled in Cork by husband-and-wife team Robert and Bhagya, this gin combines flavours from Ireland and India. Infused with spices from a women's organic farming collective in Kerala, and highlighted with pomelo zest, Maharani Gin celebrates strong, revolutionary women everywhere. Bright and lively, this award-winning gin promises an authentic taste of both countries.

Discover the multi award winning Greyson's London Dry Gin €20.99. This classic gin is elegant and versatile, making it the perfect base for your gin cocktail of choice. Alternatively, pick up Greyson's Pink Gin €20.99. Infused with strawberry, raspberry and cranberry flavours, it is berry nice indeed! Plus pick up your favourite premium brand gins, like Gordon’s Gin €22.50.

Whether you’re heading to a festival this summer or simply want to enjoy a fuss-free cocktail at home, look no further than ALDI’s range of ready-to-drink gin & tonics. From Greyson's Dry Gin & Diet Tonic €1.49 to Greyson's Pink Gin & Diet Tonic €1.49, these 250ml servings are wonderfully refreshing and convenient. No extra ingredients necessary!

Tom Doorley, ALDI's wine ambassador said: “ALDI takes gin very seriously and I think World Gin Day offers just the right inspiration to explore the glorious range that embraces classic styles and exciting innovative versions. From the delicious Mo Chara Passionfruit & Mango, which deservedly gained a Gold Medal at the 2024 World Spirits Awards, to the delightfully citrussy Ginato Clementino Gin from Italy, the selection offers something for the seasoned gin enthusiast to novice experimenters. No other retailer takes quality gin as seriously and as always the value at ALDI is simply outstanding."


From a timeless gin & tonic to a cooling raspberry kiss cocktail - whatever you’re after this summer, ALDI has you sorted! 

Raspberry Kiss Cocktail


  • 100ml Boyle’s Raspberry Blush Gin

  • 130g fresh Raspberries – keep a few to garnish

  • Juice of 1 fresh Lime

  • 2 Lime wedges to decorate

  • 4 fresh Basil Leaves - keep a couple aside to garnish

  • Ice Cubes


  1. Put all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker.

  2. Fill with ice – shake vigorously.

  3. Strain into 2 glasses.

  4. Decorate with some lime slices, a fresh basil leaf and raspberries.

  5. For a longer drink, pour into tumblers, add some ice cubes and top up with sparkling elderflower water.

See below for a full range of gin launching in stores 6th June: 

  • Mo Chara Pineapple €19.99 (50cl)

  • Boyle’s Raspberry Blush Gin €19.99 (50cl)

  • Ravenrock Gin €24.99 (500ml)

  • Ginato Clementino Gin €27.99 (70cl)

  • Hoshi Pink Gin €29.99 (70cl)

  • Maharani Gin €32.99 (70cl)

See below for a full range of gin available now in ALDI stores nationwide: 

  • Greyson's London Dry Gin & Tonic €1.49 (250ml)

  • Greyson's Lower Calorie Dry Gin & Diet Tonic €1.49 (250ml)

  • Greyson's Pink Gin & Diet Tonic €1.49 (250ml)

  • Mo Chara Passionfruit & Mango €19.99 (50cl)

  • Greyson's London Dry Gin €20.99 (70cl)

  • Greyson's Pink Gin (70cl) €20.99

  • Boyle’s Gin €22.09 (70cl) Down from €24.99.

  • Gordon’s Gin €22.50 (70cl) Down from €25.00.

  • Hoshi Pink Gin €29.99 (70cl)

  • Maharani Gin €32.99 (70cl)

ALDI was crowned Ireland’s Drinks Retailer of the Year at the Irish Quality Food & Drink Awards Drinks Retailer of the Year 2023.

Slán go fóill.


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