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Lidl Ireland Announces Partnership with Family Carers Supporting Colleagues with Caring Responsibili

Lidl Ireland have partnered with Family Carers Ireland, the national charity dedicated to supporting Ireland’s 500,000+ family carers. The partnership will provide practical supports and resources for Lidl employees who are balancing their work commitments with caring responsibilities at home, through Family Carers Ireland’s Caring Employers programme.

This new partnership includes tailored activities and policy guidance to ensure Lidl’s employees, who are in caring roles at home, are recognised, supported and accommodated in their careers. The partnership builds on Lidl’s Carer’s Leave policy, which allows employees to take time off work to care for a family member in need of full-time care.

As part of the programme, Lidl employees will be offered a range of supports such as:

Access to professional guidance on employee rights and entitlements

Dedicated training for line managers designed to help managers support carers in the best way possible

Webinars with trained practitioners on topics such as how to care for an elderly parent or cope with behaviours that challenge. One-to-one clinics for family carers who feel they are struggling to balance caring responsibilities and work commitments.

Commenting on the importance of the partnership, Maeve McCleane, Chief People Officer at Lidl Ireland says:

“At Lidl Ireland, our employees are at the heart of everything we do and their wellbeing is a top priority. We are delighted to work with Family Carers Ireland to forge this meaningful partnership which reflects our commitment to supporting our caring colleagues as they navigate the demands of both their work and caregiving roles. This partnership will empower our employees to work and care safely with carer-friendly supports and flexibility in the workplace. From interactive online workshops to educational sessions for managers and professional support, this partnership ensures our employee’s mental health and wellbeing continues to be a top priority for us at Lidl.”

Catherine Cox, Head of Communications and Carer Supports for Family Carers Ireland, emphasised the importance of this partnership, saying:

“Lidl Ireland’s proactive approach sets a powerful example for employers across the country. With more than 250,000 people in Ireland balancing the dual role of career and care, and this number on the rise, it is crucial to recognise and support caregivers in the workplace. We are so pleased to welcome Lidl to the programme and urge other forward-thinking companies to follow their lead and ensure that adequate systems are in place to avoid losing valued employees. No matter the size of the organisation, those who balance work and care need to be supported.”

Anne Hennessey, Senior Employee Relations Manager at Lidl Ireland, and carer, expresses how this partnership has supported her and her family:

“Thanks to this amazing partnership with Lidl Ireland and Family Carers Ireland, I’m able to navigate both my work and my caring commitments at home through the various supports available to me. These fantastic services that have been put in place for Lidl employees who are also carers, make employees feel seen and supported, creating a healthy and more positive workplace culture.”

The number of individuals managing both paid employment whilst caring for a loved one has reached one in nine people, and this number continues to grow. Working together, Lidl Ireland and Family Carers Ireland hope to create a more family carer-centric culture in the workplace, with supports and services in place that are centred on caring for the carer.

For more information on Family Carers Ireland Caring Employers programme, please visit

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