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Lidl Ireland reveals top-selling products this January as consumers look to build a healthier routine

With the new year in full swing, Lidl Ireland reveals the top-selling products that dominated supermarket shopping lists this January, as health-conscious consumers embark on a journey towards a more nourishing routine.

Beyond the traditional broccoli and carrots that always find their way into our trolley, Lidl shoppers are venturing out and broadening their palates when it comes to choosing their vegetables:

Cucumber takes the number one spot this January with over 490,000 cucumbers sold this month and shoppers in Meath are crunching on the most cucumbers out of everyone in Ireland

• Second on the list for Ireland but first on the list for Lidl customers in Sligo is celery – the veggie that seems to find itself into every soup, stock and salad.

Aubergines have the heart of Dublin shoppers this new year, with Galway favouring the other veggie whose name we often forget – the courgette

Irish shoppers are also favouring the sweet potato this January with Cavan eating the most sweet potatoes per customer out of everyone in Ireland. This comforting carb is a good source fibre, beneficial for our gut health and is a versatile choice in any meal.

Shifting focus to popular fruits, Irish shoppers have gone…

Bananas! with approximately 6.4 million already sold across Lidl stores this year, with Lidl's loose bananas proving to be the most popular choice

Blueberries take the spotlight after bananas and top the list for Longford who cannot seem to enough of them

Easy Peelers – enjoyed the most by shoppers in Meath but loved by all across the nation as they do exactly what they say on the packaging

While we don’t get the exotic weather, Irish shoppers do enjoy our exotic fruits.

Since 1st January, Lidl customers have picked up a total of 570,000 kiwis! Almost double the population of Cavan, Clare and Limerick combined – the top counties who can’t get enough of the exotic fruit.

On the savoury side in Meath, avocado secures its place as the exotic fruit of choice with more than half a million avocados snapped up across Lidl stores Ireland this January.

In addition to prioritising fruit and vegetable consumption, Irish shoppers are boosting their intake of Lidl’s High Protein range.

Lidl's trending High Protein Puddings with 20g of protein are witnessing soaring popularity with more than 350,000 puddings already sold this new year.

Lidl’s High Protein Drinks, boasting 35g of protein, no-added sugar, and low fat are being snapped up by shoppers in Sligo, Limerick and Laois.

Often likened to products like yogurt and a high source of protein, customers in Monaghan are turning their focus to Lidl’s High Protein Quark available in strawberry, raspberry and passionfruit flavours.

Lidl ambassador, pharmacist and author of The Food Pharmacy and new mum Jess Redden shares her advice to build a healthier routine by shopping Lidl’s extensive range of affordable and nutritious products:

“While the new year is a time when many of us look to change our routines for the better, you have to build a healthy routine that works for you and suits your lifestyle:"

1. Preparation is Key: "As a new mum to a five month old, our routine is constantly changing, so preparation and planning is so important. It’s harder to find time to buy ingredients and cook every day so I break it up by batch cooking at the weekends. When it comes to snacks – keep the cupboard stocked and never cut out food groups that you enjoy. Lidl’s range of healthy snacks is ever-growing and some of my favourites include Lidl’s Fibre Up Popcorn Bars and Lidl’s High Protein Puddings to satisfy my sweet cravings."

2. The Power of Protein: "Another key focus for me is getting enough protein at each meal to help me feel full for longer and decrease cravings. A great source of protein that can be added easily to any dish are pulses like chickpeas and lentils. Avocado is another tasty addition to your meals, offering a healthy fats-packed option for a fuller, longer-lasting breakfast or lunch."

3. Make Smart Swaps: "I’m a big believer in making smart swaps that you actually like. Consider switching up your usual staples with nutrient-dense alternatives. Lidl has a great range of ‘low’ alternatives that have helped me make a realistic swap. Some of my swaps include Lidl’s 0% Fat Greek Yogurt, Low Sugar Seville Orange Marmalade and Low Sugar Granola - the smallest change can make a big difference.”

Lidl’s full suite of affordable and healthy high-quality products is available in all 179 stores across Ireland.

Keep an eye on the in-store leaflet to keep up to date with the latest instore promotions visit

Slán go fóill.


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