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Manage Hayfever Symptoms with Tips & Products from Avène

With a higher pollen count and an unusually wet, warm and humid spring earlier this year, hayfever is on the rise more than ever before with 1 in 5 people in Ireland now suffering from symptoms. With more pollens and grasses in the air, people are experiencing symptoms that are more severe including overheated, reactive skin, especially around the nose, and red, stinging, itchy eyes. French skincare brand Avène, renowned as world leader in sensitive skincare, has the ideal solutions for anyone with reactive, allergy prone skin and irritated eye contour area. Avène’s Hayfever Tips for when the pollen count is high: • Check the pollen count daily • Spray Avène Thermal Spring Water onto the face and eyelids for an immediate cooling effect • Take care of allergy prone skin with gentle and soothing products • Stay indoors if possible and keep windows shut • Wear a facemask outside to block out pollen in the air • Wear sunglasses to stop pollen getting into the eyes • Have a shower when you come in from being outdoors • Consider adding a Vitamin C supplement to your routine • Don’t dry your clothes outside as they can carry pollen indoors • Keep your pets clean with weekly baths How Avène can help!

1. Spray Avène Thermal Spring Water onto the face and eyelids for an immediate cooling and soothing effect; Avène Thermal Water Spray is ideal for itchy and irritated eye area/ eye contour area and skin thanks to its soothing properties. Over 30 years of research has been conducted on the water by the Avène Dermatological Laboratories, as well as numerous pharmacological and clinical studies. Avène Thermal Spring Water is naturally soothing, anti-irritating and is rich in components particularly recommended for the most sensitive skin. The Thermal Water Spray is the hero product of the brand and the core ingredient in each and every Avène product. Spray the water directly on to the eyes and face to calm and cool.

2. Take care of allergy prone skin with effective and soothing products;

Recommended by dermatologists nationwide, Avène’s Tolérance range offers 24 hour hydration and restores the skin barrier in 48 hours and calms reactive, uncomfortable skin in 30 seconds.The main ingredient in the Tolérance range, D-SensinoseTM, is now the third postbiotic active ingredient from Avène Thermal Spring Water and has a targeted calming action on all types of skin hypersensitivity including tingling, overheating and burning sensations. This patented active ingredient, which launched late last year, represents a marked improvement for all types of hypersensitive, reactive, intolerant and allergy-prone skin in need of instant soothing relief and long-lasting comfort. The Avène Tolerance Range includes a cleanser, a cream and a balm complete with D-SensinoseTM. The recently reformulated products are designed for children and adults with hypersensitive, reactive, intolerant or allergic skin. Each product contains a triple dermatological innovation: • D-SensinoseTM - Avène’s new patented ultra-soothing postbiotic active ingredient • Skin affinity - New biomimetic and natural formulas • Latest generation of Sterile Cosmetics, an anti-contamination pump to keep the formula pure without preservatives. Designed for daily use, each product is ultra- soothing thanks to a unique anesthetic-like mode of action.

AVÈNE TOLÉRANCE EXTREMELY GENTLE CLEANSER €15 Cleansing and make-up removing lotion for sensitive to reactive skin.

AVÈNE TOLÉRANCE SOOTHING SKIN RECOVERY CREAM €22 A daily cream to hydrate dry and sensitive skin

AVÈNE TOLÉRANCE SOOTHING SKIN RECOVERY BALM €22 A daily balm to hydrate very dry and sensitive skin The new Avène range is available from pharmacies nationwide and online at


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