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Matchstick Monkey Teething Toy launches in Ireland

Matchstick Monkey, the award-winning teething toy, is now available in Irish pharmacies and health food stores nationwide. The range of innovative teething toys have textured grooves along the arms, head and feet to gently massage baby’s gums and help relieve discomfort and pain from teething. Teething gel or granules can also be applied to the back of the teethers head for additional pain relief.

Matchstick Monkey believe that design and safety go hand in hand so have made the collection to be functional, safe and fun. Made from FDA approved food grade silicone, BPA free and non-toxic materials to give parents the ultimate reassurance, these animal teethers are made with BioCote® anti-microbial technology, which kills 99.9% of microbes, and prevents bacteria from growing on the teether.

These low-maintenance, safe and durable toys can be conveniently popped into the dishwasher after a hard day’s work, and are fridge-friendly for a cool silicone feel that adds an extra dimension of soothing relief.

With easy to grab arms, little ones can improve their fine-motor skills at the same time as soothing their teething troubles. Not to mention expanding their knowledge of the animal world from a very young age with monkey, giraffe and lion teethers available.

The animal teethers will be hitting the shelves in a strong protective case, that offers a hygienic environment for your Monkey to be stored in when not in use. It can also double-up as a neat organiser for other baby essentials in the future.


  • Fun soft textured silicone teether providing soothing relief to aching gums

  • Designed with toothbrush bumps on the back of the head to gently massage baby’s hard to get to molars

  • Ergonomically designed “arms” help develop fine motor skills

  • Easy to grasp handles and lightweight making sure it is easy to hold from a very young age

  • Can be used as a pre-training toothbrush

  • FDA food grade silicone and BPA free

  • Dishwasher, fridge and steam and cold water steriliser safe

  • Biocote® Antimicrobial technology makes the animal teether more hygienically clean and reduces the potential of cross-contamination


  • Use the back of the animal’s head to massage the hard to reach painful back gums

  • Place in the fridge to apply the cold silicone straight to problem areas

  • Allow your little one to chew happily on their teether throughout the day

  • Clean the teether in soapy water, or place in the dishwasher or steriliser

Currently available in Ireland;

  • A Monkey teether available in Pink, blue & Grey- €11.99

  • A Lion & Giraffe teether - €11.99

  • Mini Monkey teether in Blue - €9.99

Matchstick Monkey products are available now from pharmacies and health stores.

We've used these for both our little ones, and absolutely swear by them!

Slán go fóill,



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