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McVitie’s® Launch New Jaffa Jonuts®: A Delicious fusion of Jaffa Cakes and Doughnuts

McVitie's® has unveiled it's new Jaffa Jonuts, a fusion of delicious Jaffa Cakes and doughnuts. A unique twist on the original McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes, the Jaffa Jonuts are a combination of two irresistible snacks featuring the much-loved Jaffa Cakes’ layers of crackly dark chocolate, light springy sponge and the tangy orange flavoured filling, now in a doughnut-shaped ring.

So whether it’s the Morning Rush Snack or the Post Lunch Slump, the Tea & TV Nibbleor the Post Zoom Zonk, it’s Jaffa O’Clock - time to take a break from the routine with Jaffa Jonuts.

Available now across all major retailers in recyclable sharing boxes of four (RRP €3.35)

or as an individually wrapped ring (RRP €1.35), Jaffa Jonuts make for the perfect snack on the go.

As the original cake in the biscuit aisle, the unconventional McVitie’s snack has been at the centre of many a debate, with the latest innovation sure to spark further discussion between Jaffa Cakes fans across the nation. Jaffa Jonuts will join the ever-growing ‘Jaffa-nation’, alongside the Orange, Pineapple, Cherry and Passion Fruit Jaffa Cakes flavours and Jaffa Cake Bars and Mini Rolls.

Ashley Birch-Ruffell, Global Senior Brand Manager for McVitie's at pladis UK&I, said: “We love hearing Jaffanatics debate about our Jaffa Cakes, and the launch of our Jaffa Jonuts is sure to spark further conversation! We’re excited to offer a new twist to our fans, as the fusion between Jaffa Cakes and doughnuts brings an exciting and original taste experience to those who love a treat.

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