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Micil - Exceptional Spirits for Christmas

Micil Distillery is one of Ireland’s leading craft spirits producers and Galway’s only operational distillery, producing Galway’s first whiskey in over a century. Production at the distillery is headed up by brothers Pádraic & Jimín Ó Griallais, sixth generation Connemara poitín distillers and direct descendants of Micil Mac Chearra, the family’s original distiller.

For over 170 years the family craft has been handed down through each generation using Irish, which is still the spoken language at the distillery today, and the Micil family represents Irelands longest unbroken family distilling tradition.

Micil Irish Cream

17% ABV 700ML - €29

A luxurious blend of sweet Irish whiskey, rich Irish cream, and smooth Connemara poitín from Micil Distillery. Awarded Best Irish Cream at the 2022 World Liqueur Awards.Exception because it’s made using Micil Irish Poitín, distilled with 100% malted Irish barley and spicy Connemara bogbean.

Tasting Notes :

Micil Irish Cream delivers superb creamy texture, sweet chocolate notes and a sprinkling of coffee and honey, all incredibly balanced by the soft, fruity spice of Irish poitín.

Available from, selected O’Briens Wine and Supervalu stores nationwide, and independent retailers

Micil Heritage Poitín

46% ABV 500ML - €55

A celebration of the finest Connemara poitín of the past. Made using 100% Irish malted barley and oats, peated using turf from our family land in Inverin. Gold Medal Winner in the Grain Spirit category at the 2022 World Drinks Awards.Exception because it’s produced using 80% barley and 20% oats, both malted and peated. The oats add significant texture, fruit character, and warming spice.

Tasting Notes:

Warm, sweet and fruity with balanced nutty character and gentle peat smoke throughout. Vibrant and aromatic with distinct texture.

Own your own Micil cask, “Síolta Mhicil”

All great whiskey starts with great grain, and all great grain starts with a seed. Síolta Mhicil translates as The Seeds of Micil, though a more poetic translation (and one we prefer) is Micil’s Beginnings. The Síolta Mhicil cask offering is much more than a chance to own a piece of distilling history.

It’s an opportunity to support Micil now, at the beginning of their journey home to Connemara. Just a few of the 240 handmade 50 litre casks are still available. With the choice of 3 unique mash bills (recipes) and 5 distinct cask types, each cask will cost €3,300 prior to VAT and excise duty (which is paid after maturation), and will yield approximately 90 bottles of bespoke whiskey

For more information, email

Slán go fóill.


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