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Mo Chara Pineapple Irish Gin

Ever fallen in love with a Gin!? I've had the privilege of tasting some absolutely beautiful gins in the past, but this new Pineapple Gin from Mo Chara Spirits takes top spot immediately!

"Mother of Christ that's a class Gin" were the words I uttered as I first tasted it. You know those Chocolate Pineapple Log cakes.. that's the first thing that sprung to mind when the aroma wafted out of the bottle as I opened it, and I absolutely love those cakes!

This Gin has a beautifully sweet tropical fruit taste that you would expect, yet not overpowering in the pineapple element. Easily drinkable by itself, but topped up with some Tonic and it's way too easy to drink.. in a good way! I feel as though every time I'm drinking this Gin, it's like dessert in a glass.. I'll definitely be picking up some chocolate bitters to try make a cocktail reminiscent to the flavours of the aforementioned Cake (watch this space)

Made up in Monaghan by Old Carrickmill Distillery, this is an Aldi Ireland exclusive Gin, a follow up to Mo Chara's very successful Pink Grapefruit Gin. It's on shelf now at just €19.99 (50cl) It is limited for now though, so pick one up as soon as you can, support this excellent small company and enjoy what's inevitably coming down the line!

I thoroughly recommend trying this Gin, neat, with Tonic, with Lemon Juice, however you like your Gin.. it's an easy one to play with, just crack it open, take in that pineapple aroma and prepare to fall in love!

Slán go fóill,



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