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Paddy Irish Whiskey announces Georgia Weston as Irish Coffee Champion

Paddy Irish Whiskey is thrilled to announce Meath-native Georgia Weston as the winner of its 2023 International Irish Coffee Day Challenge, which invited bartenders across Ireland to recreate the classic cocktail for a chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime trip to a buzzing cosmopolitan city.

Georgia took the challenge to heart in creating her winning concoction, named “Georgia’s Marvellous Mix,” by combining the smoothness of Paddy Irish Whiskey with a Victorian-era bartending staple: homemade orange oleo saccharum, or “oily sugar,” made by resting citrus peels with refined sugar for several days until it breaks down into a liquid. Demonstrating her skill and artistry, she honours historical bartending techniques to reimagine the traditional recipe, creating a modern Irish Coffee with a citrus twist. These flavours are beautifully complemented by the carefully-whipped fresh Irish cream, creating a cocktail that is both complex and balanced, new and old.

Speaking about the competition, Country Manager & Director of Hi-Spirits Ireland, George Roberts, said: “The Irish Coffee is a staple of our Irish culture – it has played a major role in pubs and restaurants across the country for decades and is widely seen as a stepping stone to the Irish whiskey category. It is one we, as Irish people, should be proud of; yet, it might be the most underutilised cocktail in Ireland. As such, we thought what better way to spark creativity from our talented Irish bartenders than to challenge them to create their own signature Irish Coffee.”

Georgia, head bartender at Dublin’s prestigious Distilled Whiskey Bar, was awarded with an all-expense paid trip to Paris for two people including airfare, two-night accommodations in a lively central hotel as well as an Irish Coffee masterclass in the famous Corcoran's Irish Pub, bringing one of Ireland’s most famous cocktails to Paris.

Produced in County Cork since 1779, Paddy Irish Whiskey is a distinctive blend of three unique components – pot still, malt and delicate grain whiskey – intertwined and thrice distilled to create harmony, delectable balance and engaging flavours and aromas. It is widely available at retailers, pubs and restaurants throughout Ireland at a suggested retail price of €27.

Georgia’s Marvellous Mix


• 15 ml homemade orange oleo saccharum

•,40 ml Paddy Irish Whiskey

Fresh Irish cream

• Dehydrated orange slice and freshly-shaved orange chocolate, for garnish


Warm glass with hot water and pour out when at desired temperature. In the meantime, whip or shake fresh cream until at a silky consistency. Add the orange oleo saccharum to the empty glass followed by the Paddy Irish Whiskey; fill up with freshly brewed coffee, leaving room for the cream. Heat the back of a spoon and pour the cream over it so it layers. Garnish with chocolate orange shavings and a dehydrated orange slice.

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Slán go fóill.


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