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RecaptureOne announces expansion into QR memory plaques for departed pets

Following on from the success of RecaptureOne, founder Alannah Pardy has announced the expansion of her business into the pet world.

Alannah Pardy and her dog Bruce

Recognising the profound impact pets have on owners' lives, requests have been pouring in for a pet-friendly version of the business. The aim of the new QR memory plaques for pets is to provide a unique and heartfelt way to remember the cherished moments shared with our furry family members.

The RecaptureOne plaque is designed to honour the memory of cherished individual pets, preserving their precious moments for loved ones to remember. Made from weatherproof perspex, the plaques are both resilient and enduring.

The inspiration for RecaptureOne came to Alannah after visiting her late aunt Michelle’s grave and wanting to bring comfort to loved ones and bring old moments to life. Simply scanning the QR code on the RecaptureOne plaque, 

visitors of the grave are instantly transported to a world of memories, and laughter. What was once a time of sadness and grief transformed into a celebration of Michelle's life, allowing the family to come together, share stories, and embrace the joy of her presence.

Alannah said: “As a pet owner myself, I feel the unconditional love my dog Bruce brings me, he is a Pomsky- half Pomeranian half husky. For many, a pet is the only companion they have, so when they depart it can be very hard. The hope now is that RecaptureOne can bring solace and comfort to those who have lost a pet.”

According to a survey taken in 2021 by Pulse Survey, responses show that 52% of us have a pet in the home whether it’s a hamster or horse, parrot or pig. For many, pets are a huge part of every family, showering families with unconditional love and companionship. 

RecaptureOne will now allow owners to relive happy times via the QR code memory plaques. These beautifully engraved plaques can be framed and placed in your home, backyard, or any special location, creating a lasting tribute to your beloved pets.

Stephen Breslin, one of the first pet RecaptureOne customers said: “Charlie, my beloved 12-year-old Yorkshire terrier, was adored by everyone on our street, he used to watch the world go by from the fence at the front of our house when he passed away, we ordered a QR plaque from RecaptureOne and placed it on the fence next to where he used to sit for hours. It is a really unique way for us to share his memory with family and neighbours.”

With the backing of Enterprise Ireland, Alannah received an award last year, clinching the esteemed Grant Thornton Award in 2022. This recognition played a pivotal role in launching her business by allowing her to open a website. This accomplishment not only solidified her position as a business owner but also validated her visionary approach at the age of 22. Most recently, Alannah has earned a place as a finalist in the Irish Times Innovative Awards 2023, notably in the New Frontier category.

For more information on RecaptureOne see

Slán go fóill.


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