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Redbreast launch 10 Year Old Distillery Edition

Redbreast Irish Whiskey, produced by Irish Distillers – maker of some of the world’s best known and successful whiskeys – is excited to unveil a new and exclusive expression, Redbreast 10-Year-Old Distillery Edition.

Paying homage to Midleton Distillery, from which it is so meticulously crafted, the new Redbreast expression will be exclusively available at Irish Distillers’ brand homes; the newly reopened Midleton Distillery Experience, Cork and Jameson Distillery Bow Street, Dublin.

Designed and crafted by Master Blender, Billy Leighton, alongside Blender, Dave McCabe, Redbreast 10-Year-Old Distillery Edition is a reimagining of Gilbey’s historic 10 year old expression, last produced 50 years ago and the more recent 2021 Redbreast 10 Year Old limited edition release that marked 30 years since the resurrection of Redbreast Irish Whiskey by Irish Distillers. 

Redefining Redbreast 10 Year Old, the new whiskey is composed of three exceptional distillates. By combining light, medium and traditional or ‘heavy’ single pot still distillates, this new expression honours the DNA of each member of the Redbreast family. The inclusion of the traditional pot still at the relatively younger age of 10 years, adds a robust, spicy and full-bodied character to the liquid.

The three distillate styles have been matured across four different cask types. American bourbon barrels and sherry casks give the liquid familiar Redbreast flavours that consumers have come to know and love as the former imparts sweet caramel, vanilla, cinnamon, and clove, while the latter provides sumptuous dried fruit notes of sultanas along with a nutty character. Redbreast fans will recognise, from previous releases, the inclusion of Pedro Ximénez sherry casks in this new expression, driving up the juicy dried fruit characteristics of the whiskey, while the addition of virgin European oak casks heighten and intensify the vanilla and wood spice notes.

Leighton notes, “By using the full range of distillates alongside traditional barrels, those reserved for limited-edition Redbreast offerings and the new introduction of virgin oak, the liquid serves as an homage to the full breadth of craft and flavour within the Redbreast family. Redbreast 10-Year-Old Distillery Edition showcases not only the journey that the Redbreast brand has been on to date, but also foreshadows the unique tastes and flavours that are yet to come as the single pot still renaissance continues.”

Located on the grounds of the heart and soul of Irish whiskey and carefully conserving many old distillery buildings dating as far back as 1794, the Midleton Distillery Experience has recently undergone an extensive redevelopment and has been transformed into a world-class, multi-sensory Irish whiskey experience with potential to welcome more than 200,000 domestic and international visitors annually. Featuring new and immersive whiskey tours, tastings, and experiences incorporating all seven of Irish Distillers’ whiskey brands including Redbreast, Midleton Very Rare, Jameson, Powers, The Spot Whiskeys, Method and Madness, and Knappogue Castle, the attraction will further cement Midleton’s reputation as a world-class whiskey destination.

Blender, Dave McCabe, comments: “It's an honour for me to be part of Redbreast’s remarkable journey of success as it continues to flourish. What better way to pay tribute to this than by creating a liquid to celebrate the newly refurbished Midleton Distillery Experience, where the brand’s rich past, present, and future is showcased alongside those of Irish Distillers other remarkable Irish whiskey families?”

Bottled at 43% ABV, Redbreast 10-Year-Old Distillery Edition is available from the newly re-opened Midleton Distillery Experience in Cork and Jameson Distillery Bow Street in Dublin at RRP of €120 or €125 for a personalised bottle.

Tasting notes:

Aroma: Opens with a rich medley of aromas including dark berry fruits and vibrant citrus zest, along with toasted almonds, hazelnut, and chocolate. The oak-driven influence of this wonderfully complex whiskey adds waves of sweet-scented vanilla with a perfumed balsamic wood note that complements and heightens the pot still spices accompanied by liquorice and herbal undertones.

Taste: Luscious and full-bodied with creamy vanilla surrounded by forest fruits of sweet cherries, blackcurrants, and blackberries. The pot still spices and herbal notes build over time adding subtle nuances of peppermint with a delicate touch of anise and grated ginger, while the wine-seasoned oak casks carefully impart soft tannins, giving balance to the fruits and spices.

Finish: The pot still spices remain for a time, before finally yielding to the oak and woodland fruits that continue to gently linger until the very end.

For more information about the Midleton Distillery Experience visit

Slán go fóill.


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