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Retro Tech is Making a Comeback!

In the world of tech we are always moving on to “the next new electronic thing”. Faster, smaller, smarter, and a range of other terms that describe the latest gadget are constantly catching our eye. But some people like a little throwback appeal and prefer their “next new thing” to look like an “old thing”. What is it about retro technology that keeps people coming back? It’s not like that smartphone in your pocket can’t stream your favourite songs, let you watch a movie or even play a quick game. The throwback designs make challenging and intimidating technology seem familiar and more approachable and most importantly, the memories attached to our old school technology just can’t be beaten!

We’re definitely seeing an increase in interest for these types of products,” said Jaimie Cantwell, Head of Commercial at Currys Ireland. “Products that have seen a steady increase in visits on the website since October 2020 are the retro style Kettles, Sewing Machines, Camcorder and Walkman. The most popular key words searched on with the term Retro in them were ‘retro fridge’ and ‘retro radio’. These both saw a significant uplift in 2020 & 2021.” The chances are that you’re noticing some familiar items from childhood popping up on retail shelves once again, and with National Retro Day taking place this Sunday, 27th February, here are some of the items on sale now at Currys! Retro Products:


Take your music on the go with the Sony Walkman NW-E394R 8 GB MP3 Player with FM Radio. Remove the need to fine-tune your music with ClearAudio+, which enhances your listening experience with one touch. Automatically optimizing the balance of frequencies and maintaining a consistent volume, the Walkman NW-E394R is designed to reproduce crisp stereo sound. Update your Walkman NWE394 with new albums, songs and playlists in moments with drag and drop transfers from a PC or Mac. 8 GB of storage



Create the perfect home videos with the exclusive Panasonic HC-V180EB-K Traditional Camcorder. Powerful zoom Whatever you're filming, never miss a moment thanks to the HC-V180EB-K's 90 x intelligent zoom and 50 x optical zoom. From sporting events to dance recitals, the HC-V180EB-K lets you capture all the detail in stunning Full HD.



With 21st century function and novel vintage styling the GPO Carrington Classic Corded Phone, in black, will be an awesome addition to your household. Plugging straight into the mains, the GPO Carrington removes the risk of your phone handset running out of charge mid-call. Simple push-button dialling is a most satisfying experience and with solid bakerlite-style construction, the GPO Carrington is hardy and will stand up to even the most punishing use. There are no compatibility issues - the GPO Carrington works perfectly with all phone line providers, and even works with modern telephone banking systems.



Functional and reliable, the Singer 3321 Sewing Machine is a great choice for anyone looking to explore sewing at home. With a clear rotary control dial, the Singer 3321 is easy to start using. Choose from one of the 3321's 21 different built-in stitches to apply a wide range of finishes to your garments as you experiment with sewing different fabrics and cloths. The 3321 also features 10 different stretch stitches so you can easily work with materials such as Lycra with confidence and precision.



Play classic Zelda games in true retro style on the Nintendo Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda. This all-new edition celebrates the 35th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda series, paying tribute to Nintendo's revolutionary handheld consoles of the early 80s. This version of the Nintendo Game & Watch comes with The Legend of Zelda, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link and The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. With the +Control Pad you can take on enemies and explore Hyrule, with greater precision over each movement. It also comes with Vermin - the whack-a-mole Game & Watch classic, now starring Link as the playable character.



The Celestron 114AZ-SR Reflector Telescope uses an Altazimuth mount with slow motion control, so your view will stay smooth and steady when tracking. Perfect for setting up at home, the adjustable full-height tripod lets you set the most comfortable height and position for you. There are 2 eyepieces included for those times when you want more magnification power. Take your own photos of planets, stars and more with the included smartphone adapter. The telescope is simple to set up as no tools are required, so you can get stargazing in less time.



Living room, garden, wherever you like listening to music, the Roberts Rambler Portable DAB+/FM Retro Bluetooth Radio is ready to play all your favourite stations. If there's a new album out that you can't wait to listen to, you can connect your smartphone and start streaming – you don't even need any wires. Just sync up with Bluetooth and dive into your playlists, or load up a streaming app and see what's new in the world of music. Retro Designed Products:


A classic style kettle echoes mid-century modern kitchen design to add a timeless touch to your home. A large 1.7 litre capacity lets you boil enough water for the entire tea run without making back and forth trips to the kettle.



In a classic shade of red, the 21690 Retro toaster lends a touch of timeless style to any kitchen. Fast Toasting technology gets your toast done faster, great for those in an early morning rush. It provides up to 65% faster toasting than some other models, so there'll be no need to wait around.



The Smeg KLF03PGUK Jug Kettle is the perfect kettle for a stylish home. Quality Italian design with a retro look gives you a kettle that works effectively whilst also adding aesthetic charm to your kitchen counter. A stainless steel body means it's sturdy and durable too.



The Smeg 50's Retro TSF01PGUK 2-Slice Toaster in a pastel green offers a host of handy features to please any toast lover. With four separate functions for total flexibility, you get to choose from defrost, reheat, cancel and a bagel setting. Whether you've got something straight out the freezer or someone wants their toast reheated, you have the solution available to you!


Currys Ireland is the country’s leading specialist electrical retailer operating online at and across 16 stores nationwide, pay them a visit to explore more of their range.

Slán go fóill,



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