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Santa's Enchanted Forest at Luggwoods

We visited Luggwoods Santa Experience yesterday and it was honestly a breath of fresh air! Not only was it a great experience in 2020 with all things considered, but it was actually one of the best we've ever experienced.

With all the uncertainty over Christmas this year, with what's going on in the World, a couple of Months ago we weren't sure if there would even be any Santa experiences happening at all. However, we were delighted to hear Luggwoods were going to be operating a safe, outdoor, experience this year. So, my Wife booked tickets straight away and we waited in hope that it would go ahead!

Roll on the end of another lockdown and thankfully we were able to look forward to this experience. We set out yesterday for a short trip, to a relatively easy to find Luggwoods. We were asked to arrive 10 minutes before our booked time slot, and to follow all of the Government's recommended COVID-19 guidelines etc.

Once there, we were met in the carpark in a friendly manner, and asked to take a picture of their COVID-19 Procedures. Happy to do so, Lord knows I like to take a picture!

We were excited to get going, so masked up, wrapped up, and hit the trail. We had already seen some good reviews on Instagram in the past few days, so had an idea of what was to come. I have to say that straight away we got the feeling as soon as we stepped in the door, that it was going to be a friendly experience. We were guided through six 'steps' of a Trail, where the kids are given tasks by an Elf for each pitstop.

A quick story is told of how the Fairies built the Enchanted Forest.. while Santa made it magic.. before they set out to make wishes in a well, send some love (you're emailed an optional Santa letter to fill in for the little ones to post, we filled it.. but then I left it in the car by mistake! But they can blow a kiss into the postbox if they don't have a letter to send), make Mr Grinch happy, greet the Ice Queen & Mrs Claus, and have a little boogie with an elf DJ before going on the meet the big man himself.

This Santa is the real deal, a bubly happy Santa with a real Beard! He took time to listen to their letter requests, and knew a lot about their interests (like L.O.L Dolls & Peppa Pig!) They got their gifts.. delighted with themselves, and we still got a Family picture, with Santa being separated by a perspex screen, making it all safe but still able to happen!

Afterwards you get an option to put the picture (and also another taken along the way, where they get to sit in Santa's sleigh) in a bauble etc, at a non extortionate price. If your booking didn't include the price of pictures, they can be just added at the end and it really is worth it.

Every single Staff Member/Elf we met along the way was so friendly and interactive with the kids, they really did make it a happy, unforgettable, experience. They really do spread the Christmas magic!

Upon exit, and grabbing those precious photos, we hit the coffee hut situated right beside the Santa's hut. After all of the fantastic hospitality we had received, here was a final 'cherry on top' moment. With our girls only being 4 & 2, we don't tend to load them up on TOO much sugar, so I asked them to make a hot chocolate quite 'weak' and a little cooler. The lady serving us was so nice, she knew exactly what to do, as she put it.. made them "kid friendly". I had to indulge in a very tempting Gingerbread man myself before we heading off after a wonderful afternoon.

2020 was almost a complete shit show, but I think these guys managed to finish it off on a very positive note and essentially 'saved Christmas'. I cannot recommend the Santa Experience at Luggwoods enough, and furthermore can't wait to return next year already.

There are still some tickets available on their website, go check it out.. you will not be disappointed!! This is a very safe, guidelines compliant, happy, magical experience.. 10/10.

Merry Christmas everyone, the season is well and truly upon us now!

Slán go fóill,


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