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I don't usually get involved with politics on Social Media, or get drawn into things, but I want to show my support of the Pubs in Ireland during this crisis.

I took this picture in Peggy Kelly's around 1 week before lockdown, at a funeral.. pubs are used for more than people 'wanting to get steaming drunk'. They're so much more, for some they are a way of life, where Family & Friends meet for a chat, and maybe a 'casual 1 or 2 drinks'. Some just drink tea/coffee, some have a 'substantial meal', people celebrate the lives of loved ones who have passed, likely with a bowl of soup and a sambo. Interviews take place, business deals are done, people go on dates, break ups, chats and everything else in between. Our pubs rely on this part of the business as much as the 'weekend drinks'. We're a social bunch, and the pubs are pivotal to our social integration. In the current climate. I believe we can all act like adults, and trust that pubs can still operate a "table service only'' policy until we get a vaccine or whatever.. I won't get into the conspiracy theory over all of this COVID stuff but I will say this.. if this virus is so vicious, then it shouldn't matter if a pub serves caviar or crisps, it surely couldn't be that decisive or discriminate to pubs not serving food!? Anyway, I personally think that all pubs should be open, 3,500 bars remain closed and countless Families lie in limbo, businesses that have been open for decades and more, don't know if they'll ever open again!.. If they serve food they can get a punter in for a limited amount of time, said punter can pay €9 for a pizza or whatever, then order as many pints/chasers/shots as they can consume in that time before they're sent on their way, in a "supermarket sweep" fashion.. something they would never do if there was no limit, they'd probably not even consume half the amount. Then, said customer(s) will take the chance to head back to a 'house party or get together' where the Government are saying a big part of the problem with virus spreading is.. but again if the pubs were open as normal these most likely wouldn't be happening...🤷‍♂️ It just makes no sense, stop the bullshit and open up the pubs again! #SupportNotSympathy


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