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Tayto Park granted approval for 2 steel rollercoasters

Tayto Park, Ireland’s only theme park and zoo, has been granted approval from An Bord Pleanálafor the construction of two new steel intertwining rollercoasters!

The rollercoasters, which represent a total investment of €15million by Tayto Park, will create 40 new jobs in the area.

Speaking on the announcement, Founder of Tayto Park, Raymond Coyle said, “I am thrilled with the news of our planning approval. The construction of the rollercoasters will mark our largest single investment in our 11 years in business. This announcement will not only bring the latest cutting-edge attractions for our visitors to enjoy but will also add employment to the local economy”.

Tayto Park has spent over €1,500,000 on noise reduction methods to secure planning for the attractions at the theme park and zoo located in Ashbourne, Co. Meath.

Rollercoaster Details;

Suspended Coaster


Height 31m

Capacity 1000 People Per Hour

Speed 100kph



Height 24.2m

Capacity: 720P.P.H

Speed: 70kph Forward & 60KPH Backward

These will be a welcome addition to an already excellent Tayto Park, I look forward to the day they finish construction. Can't wait to go back as it is, dying to since our first visit!

Will post any updates as and when.

Slán go fóill,


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