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This Easter, a new Cadbury report unwraps Ireland’s relationship with Chocolate

Research commissioned by Mondelēz International to celebrate the 90-year history of the beloved Cadbury brand in Ireland has uncovered a chocstalgia trend – with chocolate treats evoking fond, childhood memories.

The findings are revealed as part of the Cadbury Unwrapped Report which delves into the relationship that Irish people have with Cadbury chocolate, a brand that has evolved and adapted to earn a place in the hearts of generations of Irish people.

Most popular Cadbury Dairy Milk bars revealed Cadbury Dairy Milk remains the most popular chocolate bar in Ireland. The most popular Cadbury variations of the bar in Ireland are:

1. Cadbury Dairy Milk

2. Cadbury Dairy Milk Golden Crisp

3. Cadbury Dairy Milk Wholenut

4. Cadbury Dairy Milk Mint Crisp

5. Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramello

6. Cadbury Dairy Milk Turkish

7. Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut

A taste of history

Chocolate snacks help us to reconnect to the past, with over half (51%) of the adult Irish population and over 55% of those aged 16 – 34 who eat chocolate snacks agreeing that they remind them fond childhood memories.

While Cadbury Dairy Milk (selected by 24% of respondents) remains the nations favourite again this year followed by the Cadbury Twirl, invented in Coolock in 1985, and Cadbury Dairy Milk Golden Crisp bars, the research reveals that the types of chocolate snacks loved by the Irish is also evolving. Two thirds (67%) of adults in Ireland who eat chocolate snacks agree that they like to try variations such as Twirl Orange or Twirl Mint. 25-44-year-olds are driving this trend with three out of four adults (75%) agreeing that they like to try new chocolate snacks.

This adventurous spirit is also combining with consumers’ love of nostalgia and people are looking for “twists” on their childhood favourites. Some of Cadbury’s most popular innovations are “twists” on the classic Cadbury Dairy Milk bar, with flavours like Cadbury Dairy Milk Golden Crisp making the top 10 most sold Cadbury products last year.

The New Era of Snacking: Sharers and Savers

Evolving the Cadbury brand to adapt to consumer tastes extends beyond the development of new flavours and textures, and the research unwraps consumers’ changing snacking habits too, revealing that Ireland is a nation of “savers and sharers”.

• Over half of adults who eat chocolate snacks (52%) say they would typically eat some and save some chocolate snacks for later.

• Responding to this shift towards a more conscious enjoyment of chocolate, Cadbury introduced resealable packaging on the twin-bar duo range, in 2022, and sales of these products have increased by 123% in the past two years (2021-2023).

• And this mindful trend continues at Cadbury with the launch of Cadbury Delights, the lower calorie (91 calories) chocolate range launched in January 2023.

36% of adults say they enjoy chocolate snacks with family members, 22% enjoy eating chocolates with friends, and only 8% of chocolate eaters surveyed admitted to enjoying their chocolate snacks alone.

Eoin Kellett - Managing Director - Mondelēz Ireland, commented: “Cadbury has always held an important place in the hearts of people across Ireland. As we mark over 90 years in operations in Ireland, we wanted to unwrap the Cadbury brand to reveal more about its enduring magic, while lifting the lid on the latest trends and attitudes towards chocolate in Ireland. Generations of Irish families both in Dublin and across the country have underpinned our business from the farm to the factory. We are proud to employ over 600 people in Ireland today."

We’re proud that Cadbury remains Ireland’s favourite and bestselling confectionery brand,[1] and the investment of over €150 million into the Coolock and Rathmore factories, by Mondelēz International, has secured a long-term future for the brand in Ireland. The highly efficient, world-class manufacturing operations produce almost 5 million chocolate bars every day and export to 15 countries around the world.”

Since the opening of its first factory in Ireland in 1933, Cadbury has delighted the nation with its confectionary and drinking chocolate. It has been with people throughout Ireland for everyday celebrations and seasonal moments, earning a place in the hearts of generations. As Mondelēz International celebrates the history of Cadbury, it also looks ahead to what’s next with a commitment to continue putting its consumers at the centre of its investment and innovation and preserving the success of the brand for years to come.

Eoin Kellett - Managing Director - Mondelēz Ireland, concluded: "We’re always adapting and innovating to make sure that our consumers will have something new and exciting to enjoy – and are looking forward to the future.”

Slán go fóill.


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