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Toast to a healthier start in 2024 with B 5.5% by Black Tower

Step into a healthy and vibrant new year with the B 5.5% by Black Tower wine range. Crafted for those seeking a mindful and lighter wine experience, B 5.5% by Black Tower proudly presents a low calorie, low alcohol choice for a health conscious 2024.

Indulge in the refreshing B 5.5% by Black Tower Rosé, boasting summer berry and tangy jam flavours, or opt for the B 5.5% by Black Tower White, featuring notes of citrus fruits with a hint of pea and apple. Serve it cold or lightly chilled and start the year on a refreshing note without compromising on taste.

In a survey conducted last year, research revealed that 81% of Irish people had set their New Year's resolutions early, with top priorities on lifestyle improvements.

More interesting results showed:

54% intended to alter their diet by incorporating healthier foods

61% planned to increase their exercise levels

54% plan to structure their evenings better so they can go to bed earlier and get more sleep

Recognizing the growing emphasis on healthier choices, B 5.5% by Black Tower provides a unique option for those looking to enjoy a glass of wine while maintaining their commitment to well-being.

With just 55 calories per 125ml glass, and over 30% fewer calories than standard 9.5% abv wines, B 5.5% by Black Tower supports people’s new year’s resolutions towards a more healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Find the B 5.5% by Black Tower range at leading retailers across Ireland, including Tesco, Dunnes, Costcutter, Carry Out, and Supervalu.

Priced at just €5 per bottle, it is an ideal option for consumers to make a health-conscious choice that is also budget friendly.

Toast to a healthier and brighter new year with B 5.5% by Black Tower – where each sip is a step towards a healthier 2024!

Visit for more information.

Slán go fóill.


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