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Tony's Chocolonely unveil Littl’ Bits - a munchable chocolate snack range

Tony's Chocolonely, the impact company sweetening the cocoa industry by fighting for 100% slave-free chocolate, introduces Littl’ Bits - a munchable chocolate snack range - to the Irish market just in time for Halloween treats and cosy nights in.

Littl’ Bits come in four delicious flavour combinations (including one vegan option!) meaning all chocolate lovers with a conscience can grab a fistful and fight injustice in the chocolate industry with each bite. Three of the four pouches contains a mix of two delicious flavours and the packaging is 100% plastic free!

Making chocolate fairer, bit by bit

It takes balls to stand up and call out injustice and exploitation in global supply chains, but action goes much further. Speaking about Tony’s mission to end exploitation in the chocolate industry Nicola Matthews, Head of Marketing for UKI Tony’s Chocolonely, said:

“Today, 1.56 million children work under illegal circumstances on cocoa farms in West Africa; poverty is the root cause of this illegal labour in cocoa. To move out of poverty cycles, cocoa farmers need to earn a living income. Tony's Chocolonely is proud to pay the Living Income Reference Price for its cocoa, which amounts to between 77% and 82% more than what most other big chocolate brands pay.”

“Despite their small size, our new Littl’ Bits treats create a big impact for cocoa farmers and with this new launch we hope to remind chocolate lovers and other chocolate producers, that delicious and responsibly sourced chocolate can go hand in hand.”

Choc-full of flavours

With chewy and crunchy cores, each Littl’ Bit is covered in a chunky layer of ethical and Fairtrade chocolate made with 100% traceable beans for a drool-worthy, and impactful, choco experience.

Inspired by some of Tony's all-time-favourite bar flavours, Littl’ Bits will be available in the following flavours:

Milk caramel sea salt & biscuit mix with crunchy butterscotch caramel and biscuit wrapped in thick milk chocolate

RRP €3.50

Triple chocolate mix with milk, white and dark layered balls of chocolate

RRP €3.50

Milk marshmallow & biscuit mix with chewy marshmallow and biscuit wrapped in thick milk chocolate

RRP €3.50

Dark orange vegan choco cookie with crunchy choco cookie wrapped in chunky orange dark chocolate

RRP €3.50

Littl’ Bits will be available from selected Tesco stores and independent retailers in the Republic of Ireland from early September. So, pick up Littl’ Bits in your next shop and support Tony's mission to make chocolate 100% slave free with every bite.

Please note that all prices are recommended retail prices (RPP) and may vary depending on the retailer across the Republic of Ireland. For further information on stockists visit

Slán go fóill.


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