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10 Things to know about Wonderlights at Malahide Castle

Wonderlights at Malahide Castle opens this Friday 10th November! To get you excited for this year's mesmerising show, here are some fun facts to know about Wonderlights!

1. Did you know?

This is Ireland's LARGEST light show - An international team of talented creatives have curated our spectacular brand new show, "The Magic of Winter" using state of the art technology guaranteed to dazzle and complimented by original music score by our composers, which heightens the immersive experience for each installation. 

2. Is this a new show?

There's lot's of new displays and projections, plus some beloved classics from over the years returning such as 'The Talking Tree'.  To date, Wonderlights have had over 200,000 guests experience our past shows 'The Night Sky', ‘Castle of Light’ and ‘Ireland by Night’. This year’s show will take guests on a journey to witness the wondrous transformation of nature as it comes alive with vibrant colours and magical creatures. 

3. How long is the walk?

The mindful evening walk is over a 1.8km trail. Guests will make their way around 14 areas of themed installations, each bursting with lights, projections, colour, and sounds. The trail is suitable for wheelchair users and children in prams/buggies. Take your time at a leisurely pace, soak it all up!

4. What should I expect when I arrive?

The super friendly staff will scan your ticket on arrival and your adventure will begin. The route will take you through the unique and mesmerising installations, integrated with and enhanced by, the natural features of the woodland. All set along one continuous magical trail, with lots of surprise stops along the way, so take it slow and take it all in!

5. Is there food available?

Before or after your walk by Wonderlight, you can visit the Alpine Village and sample some delicious food, hot chocolates, and festive treats from their vendors (open from 5pm)

6. Are you concerned about energy use?

The lights are powered by hydrotreated vegetable oil which is considered one of the cleanest fuel alternatives and all the lights use the most energy-efficient bulbs available.

7. What should I wear?

Wrap up warm & cosy, and wear suitable footwear to get make sure you get the most from this magical winter experience.

8. Can I take photos?

Absolutely! Wonderlights is ideal for the ‘gram. Visitors are encouraged to share any photos or videos they take and @wonderlightsire or use the #Wonderlights. There are prizes to be won for the best content shared!

9. Best way to get there?

Malahide Castle & Gardens is served by numerous bus routes and the DART, which we encourage our visitors to choose where they can. There is a car park with plenty of free parking on site. Cars should enter via the main entrance to Malahide Castle on 'Back Road' and continue up the avenue towards the Castle.

10. Any sneaky discount codes?

Yes! You can get 15% off when you visit before the 30th November. Use coupon code WLPRI23 at the checkout. But be quick - tickets selling fast for this weekend!

Witness the wondrous transformation of nature as it comes alive with vibrant colours and magical creatures. Marvel at the captivating dance of light that illuminates the darkness, creating a symphony of beauty and wonder.

"The Magic of Winter - When Light comes to Life"

There are a limited number of tickets available here.



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