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Projects I am, or have been involved in..

Get in touch if you feel I can help with any further projects.

World Whiskey Club

World Whiskey Club

With 3 good friends, Ken and the 2 Johns (what a terrible name for a boyband that would be!) I co-founded World Whiskey Club back in 2019. With monthly events planned, Members benefit from tastings a variety of Whiskeys form around the globe, presented by Brand Ambassadors and the likes. A project I no longer am involved in, but love to watch it's success grow.

Visit for more information

Aviators Whiskey Society

In 2014 my good friend Ken McCabe founded the Aviators Whiskey Society, we both worked in Dublin Airport at the time, selling whiskey, with a passion for the industry we embarked on a roller coaster adventure setting up a pretty cool/fun Whiskey Society. I was Secretary for the first 3+ Years of the Society's existence before moving on to new projects (and babies!)

Still a proud Member, Founder, and honorary Aviator!

visit for more information..

Man With A Dram

Dram Planet

This is a long overdue project, but I'll eventually get it online. 

DramPlanet is an optimistic project, where I aim to house the tasting notes of every whiskey in the world, under one virtual roof!

DramPlanet will happen... soon!

Aviators Whiskey Society

Man With A Dram

ManWithADram is my whiskey writing alter ego, from 2020 onward I aim to utilize the blog and Social Media accounts more to post about all things whisky

 visit for more info..

Dram Planet

Logo Work

With a bit of previous experience putting together logos for Clubs & Societies, I started to play around with ideas for my own blogs etc in 2020. When my pal Niall (Worth-A-Whiskey on Instagram.. give him a follow!) asked for some inspiration, I was only too happy to help out. Feel free to get in touch if you think I can help you out.

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