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Welcome to my blog!

Who am I?

My name is Danny Joyce, and I'm an influencer.. yep, have been since August 2016

when our first Daughter was born.. that's real life influencing right there, be the best

person you can, those little eyes are so impressionable! Seriously though, I don't like

that term for Social Media personalities but each to their own. I suppose you could

call me a Blogger, because y'know, I write a blog. But I prefer, if I have to label myself,

being called a Digital Creator. I think it better describes that I post content online that

some people actually like! 

I'm a 36yo Married Dad of 2 beautiful little girls., they're both under 5 and super

cute.. come back and ask me if we still think the same in 10 years time when the

hormones kick in ha!


I set this blog up late last year, with the intention of it pretty much being an extension to my Instagram page, where I usually

post most of my content. Towards the back end of 2020 I decided to finally bite the bullet and set it up after years of threatening to, why not, right!? It's going to be an eclectic blog, My main focus is generally food & drink (alcoholic and not so alcoholic) I don't have a particular niche really, I'm a big food fan with a VERY sweet tooth, so like to check out new snacks, and bake with my two little ones when I can. 


I worked in the Drinks Industry in Ireland for the last 10yrs (until COVID put an abrupt end

to that!), so that's probably my forte.. that and the ability to take some pretty nice shots

with my camera every now and then.. well, I try anyway!

I post recipes, both food and cocktails and as much 'food news' as I can.

My articles are generally no more than a 5 minute read, it's all lighthearted here.

With the way things went in 2020, I really strived to put a focus on Irish Businesses,

so will always try put some focus on them if I can. If you want to send me any information

on your Company/Business, I'd be happy to try feature them.


So yea, welcome to my blog, hope you enjoy my musings!!

Feel free to get in touch :)

For a little more info on why I started this, and where the name came from, click here (or the pic above!)

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