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So, why blog??

The year is 2020, not one I think any of us are going to forget in a hurry.. though I'm pretty sure we will want to, at least a lot of the first half of the year anyway! Plenty of time left to have something a little more positive to take from it though. That's where my little online diary is going to play a part for me.

I've threatened for so long to put a blog together and start sharing some of my random musings. I'm not new to the game, with a bit of ghost writing in the past for other accounts and Clubs etc. But now is the time for me. I like to think I have a way with words, so as much as I like to take pictures and do plenty of sharing via Instagram, I feel I can add an extension to that module, by updating this blog as much as possible.

That can be a little tricky at times, being a Dad of two little Princesses! Don't get me wrong, I love our girls more than anything, but they sure do keep us busy and trying to update Social Media channels and blogs can be a little tricky when you're being asked to get involved in a game of some sorts, but that's way more fun anyway! I'm more of a 'live the moment' and post it later type, but I try put up as much in 'real time' as I can.

I mainly post Photography on Instagram, some alcohol and a lot of food pics! Here I want to broaden the food aspect, with recipes and recommendations etc. I'm partial to posting some positive or inspirational quotes too, you've got to remain positive, right!?

I'm going to use this for posting more 'in depth' posts, like when I visit somewhere for a vacation/staycation, or want to recommend somewhere to eat/drink that I've visited etc. I'm also on a couple of PR mailing lists, so will (from time to time) share any relevant press releases I receive. I'm quite truthful in what I post, this page is for me, by me, so you can be guaranteed it's not just me being a 'Beggy Mitchell' as they say on Social Media, ha! I'll post stuff I feel people may be interested in, or could benefit from.

I'm quite lucky to have been sent some Press Drops/Gifts in the past, and will always be appreciative of these. However, I'm not the type to just say a product is great for the sake of it, I'll always be honest and genuine. I never have, nor never will, disrespect a brand or product through.. I was always been taught that if you've nothing nice to say, then simply say nothing at all.

The name of the site, Stir the Jam, has no particular meaning. When I was making some jam based cocktails, and also baking with jam, I ended up using the phrase "don't forget to stir the jam" quite a bit, that stuck in my head when I was looking for a name for this and alas, STJ was born!

2020 has been utterly nuts, and not in so many good ways. But I'm quite positive, and am thinking that as much negativity there has been throughout the year, there's still time to make it one of new beginnings and turn things around!

Looking forward to updating this as much as possible.

Slán go fóill,



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