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16 Nestlé chocolate eggs to transport you back in time

Nestlé UK & Ireland has released images of more than a dozen retro Easter eggs to take chocolate fans on a trip down memory lane ahead of celebrations this year.

The images span 100 years and show how seasonal treats have changed through generations.


In 1924, the brands that shoppers know today hadn’t begun their journeys, instead, chocolate fans could purchase a beautifully decorated milk chocolate egg, with shops able to specify a colour of ribbon they would like the eggs to be wrapped in.

Shoppers could also purchase a ‘chocolate nest’ with sugar coated chocolate eggs inside them.


In 1974, exactly 50 years ago, some of the brands that we see today had arrived. Quality Street offered a milk chocolate egg in two designs, Jelly Tots created a milk chocolate egg with the small jelly sweets inside and Smarties was also on the scene.


In 1984, just ten years later, After Eight, the luxurious mint thin brand had been born. Yorkie also came to market in the late 70s. Both brands had eggs to offer for Easter in 1984 alongside Quality Street.


1994 saw KitKat and Toffee Crisp join the seasonal range, and several of Nestlé’s eggs sported bows, reminiscent of earlier creations back in 1924. 


Smarties and KitKat Chunky featured in the 2004 spring offering.


2014 was Nestlé Confectionery’s mug era! Recipients could expect to unwrap a shiny new cup to add to the eclectic collection in their kitchen cupboards. There was also one for the caramel fans, featuring Rolo, Munchies and the late Caramac.


In 2024, Nestlé UK & Ireland has an exciting range of new products including the Quality Street Golden Collection Incredible Egg, Rowntree’s Randoms Incredible Egg, Smarties Sea Splash Egg and KitKat Easter Egg Hunt, available at stores nationwide.

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