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Avonmore launches new Fibre Plus Milk with added fibre and vitamins

Avonmore, the number one milk brand in Ireland, has introduced Avonmore Fibre Plus Milk, with added fibre and vitamins, to their range of value-added milks.

Avonmore Fibre Plus Milk is high in fibre which is beneficial for digestive health, and is also enriched with vitamin C and vitamin D, to help support the immune system.

Fibre is important for helping to keep our digestive systems healthy and working at their best. In Ireland, it’s recommended that adults consume 24-35g of fibre per day, but research has shown that most adults don’t get enough fibre in their diets. In fact, 80% of adults don’t reach the daily recommended intake for fibre, with the average daily intake being around 19g*.

Avonmore Fibre Plus Milk is high in fibre, containing a type of fibre called chicory root, which helps support gut health**. Each 250ml glass contains 6g of fibre and it’s recommended that adults consume two 250ml glasses per day in order to get the full benefit of chicory root fibre, and to bridge the gap in their fibre intake. Avonmore Fibre Plus Milk is also enriched with vitamin C and vitamin D to support the normal function of the immune system.

This low fat, unflavoured milk has a smooth consistency and can be enjoyed in cereal or porridge, smoothies, hot drinks or simply on its own – making it an easy and convenient way to increase your daily fibre intake.

Speaking about the launch of Avonmore Fibre Plus Milk, Gráinne Murray, Senior Brand Manager, Tirlán said, “We are really excited to bring Avonmore Fibre Plus Milk to the market. Digestive health is a key area of concern for consumers and with this product launch, we hope to provide an easy and convenient solution for consumers to increase their fibre intake, whilst the addition of vitamins C and D will also help to address consumers growing desire for products that support the immune system.”

Avonmore Fibre Plus Milk is available in a 1 litre carton in retailers nationwide.

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