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Back to Campus, Back to Fitness.. Choose FLYEfit for your Journey to Success

Student Alert! FLYEfit has introduced FREE tailored classes for members, at times that suit an academic timetable.

FLYEfit prides itself on being a beacon of health and vitality and encourages students to experience the transformative impact of regular exercise. Education can be stressful, and regular exercise can have a hugely beneficial impact on well-being, especially when it’s fun and varied too, so classes include BOX, Combat, Spin and Yoga!

With over 20 gyms in Ireland and counting, FLYEfit has become Ireland’s premier gym chain catering to all ages and fitness levels. All FLYEfit gyms are fully fitted with high-spec machines and offer a range of flexible options so you can find a membership option starting from just €32 a month.

A recent study carried out this year by the University of Limerick (UL) and Trinity College Dublin (TCD) revealed that engaging in just 20 minutes of exercise can effectively reduce the frequency and severity of depressive episodes. Chiara Palagi senior marketing executive for FLYEfit said, “We strive to allow all of our gyms to be a place where our members can seek solace, connect and thrive, we provide a community of like-minded individuals, forging friendships and making connections that contribute to a strong support network”.

FLYEfit has made it easy for students to incorporate exercise into their busy schedules. Also offering a strong support network of personal trainers that can guide all members no matter their fitness level and help members reach their goals and get the most out of their sessions. With the autumn evenings slowly creeping in, FLYEfit offers a wide range of free classes for members to avail of at all its gyms including, BOX, Combat, Spin, Yoga and many more and with multiple gym locations strategically situated near schools and university campuses.

FLYEfit gyms invite all students to embark on a journey of wellness, stress relief, and personal growth. By prioritising physical activity, students can elevate their academic achievements while cultivating a resilient and balanced lifestyle. Memberships start at €32 per month.

For more information about FLYEfit and membership options visit

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