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Better lawns and gardens for homeowners with Husqvarna’s new Aspire™ tools

Husqvarna has launched it's brand new Aspire™ range, a set of garden tools created to help suburban homeowners keep compact gardens in great shape. They are designed to be easy to use and to take up as little space as possible while still being efficient and powerful enough to produce great results.

All Aspire™ battery products are powered by 18V POWER FOR ALL batteries and chargers that can be used in combination with a vast range of other products and brands by seven leading manufacturers. While the Aspire™ products come in a completely new design, they are based on the proven quality and technology of Husqvarna’s other products. The Aspire™ range includes a trimmer, pruner, hedger, blower, robotic mower and walk behind mower, as well as a new storage system for each product.

For many decades, professionals and landowners have relied on Husqvarna’s premium, high-quality products for lawn care and tree care. The Aspire™ range makes it easier and more affordable for homeowners with compact gardens to make their lawn and garden look great.

Smart and efficient garden tools for compact living

The Aspire™ products were designed for people who lack storage space and expect top-quality products without compromising on design. They are slimmed down and made to be foldable into a much smaller size to save space. A smart storage solution allows for easy storage in compact spaces, as all products come with a tailor-made hook and an optional storage rail, shelf and hook kit.

To increase sustainability and flexibility – and to save users money – Husqvarna and several other market leaders have joined forces to produce a battery solution that can be used in a vast number of products, regardless of the product’s own manufacturer and brand. All Aspire™ battery products are compatible with the 18V POWER FOR ALL battery alliance. Users will no longer have to deal with different, incompatible batteries and chargers that take up unnecessary space and were made with resources that could have been used for other things.

Safety and usability is a core part of the Aspire™ range. All products come with an intuitive design and color highlights that indicate touchpoints, making them very easy to start and use. Even the unpacking is made to be as easy as possible, for an even quicker start. A digital support and introduction feature helps users get set up quickly, and a global servicing network is available if users need more help.

Speaking about Aspire™ Aron Hegarty, Marketing Executive of Husqvarna Ireland said “We conducted extensive research and interviews with suburban homeowners to understand their needs and pain points when it comes to garden care. That enabled us to design the perfect tools for them. We spent a year finding and testing the right materials. Sustainability was especially important, and all products are therefore battery-powered”.

Husqvarna AspireR4 Robotic Mower

(RRP €949)

Keep the lawn neat automatically with a robotic mower

The Husqvarna Aspire™ R4 robotic mower is ideal for the small garden and gives users a perfectly cut lawn every day without having to do the job themselves. The robotic mower can also navigate narrow areas, handle frost and avoid bad weather. Like other Husqvarna products, the Husqvarna Aspire™ R4 robotic mower can be connected via WiFi to Husqvarna Connect where users can easily interact with it and setup and optimize its operations. While the R4 model is an entry-level robotic mower, it is based on a decade of experience from Husqvarna’s other market-leading robotic mowers.

The Aspire™ T28-P4A Trimmer (no battery/charger included)

RRP: €139 or

The Aspire™ T28-P4A Trimmer (battery included)

RRP: €199-€229

Take care of the finer parts and quick cuts with the new trimmer

The Aspire™ T28-P4A trimmer is agile and powerful but also compact and lightweight. It can handle tall and thick grass without stopping, thanks to its powerful motor and gear box. A wide cutting swath and dual lines create better performance, and new line is fed automatically each time the trimmer starts. Plants, walls and other sensitive objects are protected by the plant guard. With the battery at the back and the motor at the front, the trimmer is perfectly balanced and easy to handle. Storage and transport is easy thanks to the purposeful design and telescopic shaft which shrinks the trimmer down.

Aspire™ P5-P4A Pruner Kit (charger and 2,5Ah battery included)

RRP: €179

Aspire™ PE5-P4A Pole Pruner Kit (charger and 4,0Ah battery included)

RRP: €289

Use the pruner to reach branches way up in a tree or perform sawing jobs on the ground

Flexibility defines the Aspire™ P5-P4A pruner, which can either be a nimble handheld device or attached to a telescopic shaft for pruning in hard-to-reach places. That makes it a very useful all-round device for not just pruning but also light-duty sawing tasks. Like the trimmer, the pruner can power through tougher branches without stopping, thanks to its high torque. A digital user interface and battery status indicator gives the user control, and the chain can easily be tensioned with a small Allen key that is stored on the product.

Aspire™ H50-P4A Hedger (no battery/charger included)

RRP: €139

Aspire™ H50-P4A Hedger Kit (charger and 2,5Ah battery included)

RRP: €199

Save time with a hedger that both cuts and clears leaves and branches at the same time

The Aspire™ H50-P4A hedger is capable of a high cutting capacity and cutting speed despite its compact size, meaning homeowners can get more done in less time without spending money on a more expensive professional tool. To further increase productivity, the hedger comes with a leaf catcher which automatically brings loose leaves to the ground for easier collection. That saves a lot of time and eliminates the tedious task of removing the hedge trimmings manually

Aspire™ B8X-P4A Blower (no battery/charger included)

RRP: €139

Aspire™ B8X-P4A Blower Kit (charger and 4,0Ah Ah Battery included)

RRP: €229

Clear surfaces with a blower, without damaging the lawn or objects

The Aspire™ B8X-P4A blower was designed to be as thin and compact as possible, while still being powerful and having a long runtime. It can be used for a number of different tasks, such as removing leaves, cleaning a garage floor or removing grass clippings. Users can decide how much power they need for each task through the digital user interface, which also gives them more control and makes it possible to e.g. clean a lawn without blowing away the soil.

Aspire™ LC34-P4A lawn mower (no charger/battery included)

RRP: €299

Aspire™ LC34-P4A lawn mower (charger and 4,0Ah battery included)

RRP: €389

Save space with a foldable lawn mower

The Aspire™ LC34-P4A lawn mower is the ideal lawn mower for people with limited storage space and those looking for a truly compact and light-weight mower. With a telescopic handle and a soft bag, the mower can be folded flat and hung on the wall or stored vertically to save space. It is also easy to start and use out on the lawn – the mower comes pre-assembled in the box, and users can just push the bail and go.

The Aspire™ range is available from Husqvarna dealerships and select hardware stores/garden centres. Find your nearest Husqvarna dealership at

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