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CEWE Survey Reveals Irish Passion for Travel Photography

With Irish holidaymakers busy packing their GAA jerseys and factor 50 for summer travels, CEWE – Europe’s leading photo printing specialists (pronounced ‘See-Wee’ ) – has conducted research to understand how Irish people will capture and remember their holiday memories at home and abroad.  

The CEWE Ireland survey revealed that taking photos is an integral part of the holiday experience for most travellers, with 59% of respondents admitting it’s a non-negotiable when they go away. The idea of capturing that ‘money shot’ also plays on the minds of many, with nearly one-third (32%) “always on the lookout” for the next perfect photo opportunity.  


The survey also highlighted our soft spot for printed photos, with a whopping 91% of Irish holidaymakers admitting they have at least one holiday photo on their phone that they would love to print and frame.  


Unsurprisingly, smartphone cameras are king when it comes to documenting our travel memories and now account for 89% of special holiday moments captured, demonstrating how Irish travellers value the convenience and accessibility these popular devices offer on the go. In comparison, just 8.6% of respondents use digital cameras, while a mere 1.4% opt for traditional photography captured on film cameras.  


“Our survey shows that Irish holidaymakers are really passionate about capturing and preserving their travel memories,” said Steve Manfield, CEWE Ireland Marketing Director.People want to create memories they can hang onto forever, and printed photos or photo books are perfect for this. There’s something special about being able to hold a physical photo and reliving the joy of those moments.” 


The CEWE survey found that 73% of respondents are most likely to keep, share, and print photos of people – family, friends, and loved ones – while only 1% of respondents admit to doing the same with their selfies. It’s the display of these cherished memories that’s important too, with 73% wanting to showcase their favourite holiday photo with pride of place in their living room for guests to enjoy and 18% admitting the bedroom is where they opt for their daily reminder of their travels. 


"The emotional value of printed photos is highlighted by the revelation that nearly two-thirds (65%) of respondents say they would spend more time looking back on their holiday memories if their photos were physically printed,” said CEWE’s Steve Manfield. “Scrolling through the camera roll on your phone or curated highlights on social media just isn’t the same as having a physical photo to solidify the memory.” 

As the official travel season commences, CEWE is encouraging holidaymakers to delve into their digital photo libraries and create beautiful, printed photo books, preserving their happy travel memories for years to come. 


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Slán go fóill.


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