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Currys Ireland Launches ‘Cash for Trash’ Recycling Scheme

The United Nations (UN) predicts that by 2030 there will be 74 million tonnes (Mt) of electronic waste globally. This is equivalent to the weight of 496 cruise ships! 60 million household electrical appliances, tech devices and lighting equipment were placed on the Irish market in 2021, with annual consumption rising from 15kg per head in 2016 to 22kg per head last year. Globally, 2021’s mountain of waste electronic and electrical equipment (WEEE) totalled about 57.4 million tonnes - greater than the weight of the Great Wall of China.

With all of this in mind, Currys Ireland has launched ‘Cash for Trash’, a limited time offer where shoppers can swap unused tech products, broken or in working order, for a voucher worth €5 to spend in store or online.

How it works: 1. Bring all your old, broken, unwanted tech, large or small, to your closest Currys store by 14th June. 2. In return, Currys will give you a €5 voucher, redeemable against any eligible in-store purchase (redeemable by 14.06.2022). 3. Terms and conditions apply. To understand the issue of e-waste, Currys commissioned two surveys to ask people in Ireland about their habits surrounding unused tech: The surveys found the following: • Mobile phones are the item most people (90%) said they’re likely to stockpile and not recycle, with small and large appliances and old TVs the ones that generally get recycled. • 71% of people have 3 or more old, unused electronic devices in their homes. • 95% of people think it is important to recycle electronic items. Currys is on a mission to give tech a longer life, reducing landfill and educating consumers on the importance of recycling and repairing or rehoming their old tech. Jaimie Cantwell, Head of Commercial at Currys Ireland said: Our reliance on tech here in Ireland is growing daily, and e-waste is an increasing challenge for us because of this. As Ireland’s leading tech retailer, we want to help people across the nation give their tech a longer life, whether that’s through recycling, repairing or trading in for an upgrade. The main goal for us is that it does not end up in landfill." We’re hugely excited about our Cash for Trash initiative which we are launching in store from today, We want to encourage the nation to stop leaving unwanted tech lying around gathering dust at home! Come into us at Currys with any old, broken or unused tech in return for a €5 voucher. We’re confident the public are going to get behind this scheme in a big way, and help us to avoid adding more tech to landfill.” Only 37% of people admitted to regularly recycling old electronic items, and of this group, Millennials have come out on top when it comes to recycling, with 61% of them recycling their e-waste regularly.  The surveys also revealed that 98% of people would recycle e-waste more if there were more e-waste recycling collection points.  Currys has 16 stores across Ireland, all of which take in e-waste all throughout the year. Currys Ireland recycles 2,700 tonnes of tech a year. Overall they have saved approximately 103,082 tons of CO2 being produced last year (2021-22 financial year) across our repair, reuse and recycling initiatives within repairs. Currys has an array of initiatives to help the nation make tech live longer, saving people’s pockets and the planet, by recycling, repairing, or trading-in old tech including: Recycling tech - ensuring its being legitimately disposed of in a safe and responsible way Trade-in tech - offers for old devices when upgrading tech, receiving amazing savings and monetary incentives • ‘Care and Repair’ - care plan with a 14-day fix-it-fast promise, to ensure tech stays in tip top condition, helping people keep hold of it for longer See here for Terms and Conditions

Currys Ireland is the country’s leading specialist electrical retailer operating online at and across 16 stores nationwide. Slán go fóill,



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